How to check ph?

wigglemeMarch 24, 2009

I have just read that the ph of the bedding is important.

How would one go about checking it? Can I just put a strip of ph paper in the bin and get an idea?


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Hi wiggleme,

I don't know about the PH test paper, because I've never used it. But, I know that the PH of the bin can be tested with the same kind of test kits that you check the PH in your garden soil. So, if you use the paper strips for the garden soil, I would think it would work for the worm bin too.

Hope this helps,

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Thanks Robert,
My worm bed is only 2 weeks old and is still mostly shredded newspaper. I guess I will have to wait til the
little things digest more. I won't worry about it. They are
eating away and I think some were mating : )...or what ever you call it when worms make more worms.

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