A Tale of Bread Crumbs

equinoxequinoxMarch 19, 2013

I have read that corn gluten is spread on lawns to keep weed seeds, especially crab grass from sprouting. Wheat must have gluten in too. Could bread crumbs be used to similar effect?

If bread crumbs due to gluten can be used to keep lawn weeds from sprouting then might the gluten in the crumbs if used as a large part of feed to the worm bin have the same anti sprouting effect if the resulting vermicompost is used to start seeds?

Bunch O' Bread Crumbs... spread on the lawn this spring to prevent crabgrass from sprouting or overtime into the bin to make great seed starting medium?

I have access to lots of waaay outdated bread.

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Hmmmm. I have been feeding my worms lots of bread ends I got from a cafe. Now I have lots of little black bugs that are very fast to hide when I opened the lids.Must be some kind of grain or flour bugs. Never heard about that gluten effect. Learned something new every day.

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