6 foot earthworm

equinoxequinoxMarch 31, 2014

Who do we think is the real author of this article?

"Mistaking it for a snake, with great care they took it to a professor at the University of Melbourne, who I hope informed them that snakes generally have, you know, teeth and scales and stuff."

"They donâÂÂt have teeth, but they do have a gizzard, where small rocks that the worm has eaten help grind up food. (Some birds do this as well, by the way, as did their ancestors the dinosaurs. As do some enterprising human children, though it does them no real good.)"

"Fertilization actually occurs inside the egg cocoon, which a worm will produce only once a year. When the worms finally decide theyâÂÂre financially stable and mature enough to have a child, a structure called a clitellum releases an egg case, which slides forward and gathers eggs and sperm. The egg is then laid in a chamber branching off from the burrow, and can take as many as 12 months to hatch. When it does, at a foot long the baby is already huge (for perspective, thatâÂÂs as big as a foot-long Subway sandwich ⦠I think)."


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