Do worm castings need to be fresh to make worm tea?

gnheltonMarch 23, 2011

New to this game but say when I harvest some casting from my worm bin and store them for a month. Or better yet I have 1/4 quarter bag of castings left over from last summer where I purchased some. If I wanted to make a worm team would the castings still be viable?

It's my understanding that one the huge benefits of tea is the microbial activity. Now if the casting have set in a plastic bag for a 10 months and now I take some of that and use it to brew up some of the tea. Will I still get the microbial benefit?

My concern is while the casting are still in the worm bin it should be overrun with bacteria, but when you take it out and store it for months I'd think the bacteria die off. Or does adding oxygen into the tea kick start the bacteria again?

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The storage of the castings makes a big difference in how 'good' the microbes are. Do they all die? I seriously doubt it, but they are certainly not as good as found in castings kept slightly moist during storage. If I was using older castings, I'd simply brew the tea a little longer to let the microbe populations increase.

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You can brew worm tea but I have found a better method. It takes months to make worm castings. I have 5 worm bins made from Kitty litter buckets and 2 inside bins (rubbermaid containers). I have a lot of potted plants and hated tossing the spent potting soil (expensive) into the garden. I have 2 compost tumblers and when the exothermic reaction is done I add worms to speed up the process. All bins are raised and have collecting trays. The drippage is the best worm tea. I collect it daily using a turkey baster,bulb syringe, or toomey syringe if you have one. You can collect the tea long before the castings and pour it on your potted plants. I have a 5 foot cilantro that really loved it and have brought back many nutrient deficient plants. Recycling potting soil in worm bins really works too and the worms love them.

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