bananas in the compost heap

gmw1March 12, 2011

I have a question about banana peels. Everyone knows they use really heavy pesticides on bananas they ship to the US, due to all the really nasty bugs which hijack ships sometimes, like fireants and tarantulas... is it really a good idea to put these skins into the worm bins? How does it affect them to have all those pesticides in there?

would like osme confirmation that worms tolerate them ok before I put in anymore.



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here is a long discussion on the subject. it's probably better to precompost your peels first before adding them to the worm bin

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I have been putting banana peels in my bins for 6 months and the worms are doing great--they're multipying like crazy and I haven't noticed any strange looking worms that might have been affected by pesticides.

I will have to check out the website mentioned, though.

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I should probably add that I don't peel the banana and toss the peels into the bins. I mix them together with my vegies and then freeze them. I have not found any peels (even the stem) left in the bins.

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I just read some of the comments in that thread on banana peels. Some of the comments were on the lack of their worms increasing like they thought they should. I started with 1000 worms in an 18 gal. bin in Oct. 2010 and now have 3 -18 gal bins which are loaded with worms--adults, juveniles, babies, cocoons. I tried an experiment with 20 adults in a small box. After 3 months I had over 400 adults and juveniles--and they ate banana peels.

If you just don't know what to do because you're still leery of the peels, I'd add just toss the peels.

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I was the original poster of the discussion cited. After 2 years, I still had less than a pound of worms. I stopped adding banana peels and noticed and explosion. I haven't checked them in the 2 weeks since I initially posted because I don't want to disturb them. I'll check next week and post an update on vermicomposters. I think it very much depends on where in the world you are and where in the world your bananas come from. I froze my banana peels (fruit flies are in most peels in Hawaii) and added them with lots of other things.

I like the fact that you checked it out with a small box. Based on hearing lots of stories like yours on the amazing growth of their worms, you can see why I might be frustrated after 2 years. Think of making your next bin a flow through. The harvesting is easier.

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