Mushrooms sprouting in my bin

NiivekMarch 19, 2013

I'm about a month-and-a-half into having my worm bin and noticed the other day that I've got a couple mushrooms sprouting up in my second bin. has anyone else experienced mushrooms in their bins? Are they good, bad or indifferent for the worms and castings? The mushrooms are definately not morels, or portabellos or the other ones you get from the store. they have a flowery looking cap and long narrow stem, mostly white with maybe a bit of blue in the cap. there's no manure in my compost, so I don't think they are that "other" type of mushroom either. Anyone have any idea how the spores could have gotten into my bin? I keep them in my basement, its been below freezing outside since before I started the bins and am using mostly coffee grounds, shredded office paper and beer grain as compost.

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I do not know where your spores are from, but mushrooms in your bin is OK. I have had them at times in my outdoor bins. I just pull them and leave in te bin as worm food. Also I have picked wild mushrooms around the yard and tossed them in the bin.

Good luck, Pete

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I love it when I get things sprouting in my bin. I got potatoes sprouting from potato peels. Note: not from potatoes but from the peels! I couldn't believe it. These weren't thick peels either. They were thin thin thin. Man those casting are great!

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