Mango Trees- Best Producers

Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)December 6, 2012

I haven't posted anything in a while, but I was thinking of ordering a new mango tree or two and had a question.

Which mango trees (from your experiences) have the best production? (most fruit/most reliable) I know PI has a scale, but I've heard these are sometimes inaccurate.

Thanks, MGB

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As the condo varieties go, I hear that the Pickering is an excellent producer.

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Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)

Thanks Doglips. I have a Pickering already and might get another.

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Keitt is very productive, late season, and is now a current favorite for commercial growers.

it has little problem with disease, and the fruits have super long shelf life.

the only cons, I can think of on this variety, is they have a spreading scraggly nature, branches that grow so many fruit you need to place supports under them, to hold them off the ground.

The fruits are good quality. and remember that a backyard tree will give you fruit that taste a whole lot better than imported Mexican Hot dipped fruit that were picked very green stage.

Keitt is considered a dual purpose mango, so at the green stage can be used in Asian recipes.

I would recommend the Keitt, from my experience and from those of others I have asked.

I have seen 8 year old trees with around 300-350 fruit on them, and these are a large mango.

One of the main reasons that commercial farmers are starting to switch to this variety is the shelf life of the fruit. I have picked a mature green fruit off the tree, and it stayed on my counter over 4 weeks, before becoming ripe, and I think i could have waited another week more.

Keitts also hold up to Hot Water dip treatment, but that probably wont concern you.

and of course their productivity.

I have included a link to a video I filmed in 2012, its in spanish, but you can get a good look at Keitts, these trees were only fertilized with manure, no fungicides were used, even though this area gets a lot of rain and we had a wet winter.

These trees were sprayed with potassium nitrate though, to synchronize flowering and harvest, here in the tropics, we do not have the benefit of cold snaps, to stress the trees into flowering, in one part of the two part video, you can see some trees they did not spray with potassium nitrate, and they have very fruiting.

also note that no irrigation was used at this site, as this was an experimental planting, irrigation would have increased production even more.

Here is a link that might be useful: Mango plantation video ( Keitt )

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

MGB- don't remember where u live - is it SoCal or Florida???

Anyway, just to let you know, just as Tropicdude said,
they hold their fruit (even on the tree) better than any
mango I've yet to be associated with.....I was amazed that I had my first in September and my last on Thanksgiving, and could have eaten that last one even later....

Out here in the desert, they do have that scraggly growth but they are such a delicious mango and very productive, though my tree is only like 3 years old, I had a pick off a lot of small mangos in the spring as it would have been way too many for the tree to hold....

I think a Keitt would be a great choice for one of your trees, MGB!


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Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)

mangodog- I live in Texas, and thanks to both of you for the advice!!

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