Red wigglers vs nightcrawlers

jasdipMarch 18, 2008

I've got an indoor rubbermaid bin with the red wigglers (eisenia foetida) that is doing great. They seem very happy and are laying cocoons.

What is the difference between using red wigglers and the European Nightcrawlers for indoor composting purposes?



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It is aid that European Night Crawlers compost and breed slower than red wigglers. I have both and I haven't noticed a big difference.

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I just started a bin with reds for composting & am considering a bin for Euros too... better for DH for fishing. I want to have my reds bin a little longer to be sure that it's going well before I order the Euros.

I think it would be fun to have both & see the differences in the way they live and catch fish :) Although I may have a little more trouble putting worms on hooks now as I see them differently.

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Sometimes I read that Euros eat and breed less, other times I hear they eat alot more than fetidas. I guess the one big advantage is that they grow pretty big.

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They still intrigue me somewhat, in fact I may be getting some sent to me from a fellow wormer friend.

I know I won't feel as close and affectionate with them as I do the reds. They are actually kind of creepy cause they're so big. I don't fish, so I just want to see some differences.

I plan on keeping them in separate quarters. Some people combine them in the same bin as reds, since the ENC's like it moist and hang out at the bottom and the reds are at the surface more.


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Redwinglers have got a short lifespan and reproduce quickly

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