Weekend Frost...Really? REALLY????

dspen(5b/6a)May 8, 2013

That is the prediction for West Michigan this weekend. Thank goodness I have not pushed the envelope too much this season. No Tomatoes or Peppers in yet. But some of my seeds are just barely popping through. Do you think I could hoe a little more dirt up next to them, even barely cover them.? Some perennials are up, should I be concerned about theses? Hostas, Coneflowers, Russian Sage, Allium, Blanket flowers?


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drtomato(5 Ortonville MI)

I'm in the same boat. Low 30's for Sunday night. I won't plant till 1st of June anyways. Just hope my orchad don't get damaged like last year.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Far as i know the standard advice is to cover perennials when frost is predicted. That's what we do anyway.

Based on my reading and the posts of others here in your zone your normal last frost date is May 15-20 anyway so what seeds do you have planted?


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37 predicted for Sunday night here on the southernmost tip of Ohio....I'll prob fill a couple barrels with water and rinse with a spout can if they get hit....this will mostly fix a med frost....not a freeze tho.

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I have beets, spinach, peas, lima, carrots, chard, I am sure I have missed a few.. oh and okra. That has just popped through.

I will throw some sheets down. Our garden sits in a low area and it tends to be a few degrees cooler.

Will keep the tomatoes in their cozy little pots for another week or two.

I thought I had posted this on the Great Lakes forum. Sorry about that!!


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timmy1(6a ri)

Beets, spinach, peas, chard will all take a hard frost. The carrots will take a light frost.

The okra and the lima will not.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

34 predicted for here Mon am. Glad I hung in there with my WOWs. Looks like they'll be coming off Tues.

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I am sure my comment is too late, but 34F..37F is not frost..
I agree with Timmy on frost sensivity.
T ptotect plants of light frost, I would cover them with things like leave, straw... and invert an empty pot on them and put a weight on it( stone, brick..) All you want is to prevent the plant from cooling down by air movement around it. The the ground heat will take care of keeping the plant warm.
Another thing about frost warning type situation is that , the low temperature(say 30F) would normally be around only for couple of hours, no ALL NIGHT LONG.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Excuse me, but frost can easily form at 34F. 32F will freeze, but I've seen frosts, albiet light, at temps in the mid to upper 30's. And all it takes is an hour or two of frost or freeze to kill a plant! Once ice is on the leaves, bye, bye plant. There is a less likelihood of frost on breezy nights because the air circulations keep mixing in warmer air from above. It's the dead calm clear nights when the warmth from the ground radiates straight up into space and the air right near the ground cools quickly causing frost.

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I covered everything that is peaking through with a nice layer of straw. Tonight should not be too bad, its Sunday night that I am worried about. Then look out next week....80's. go figure!

Still not putting my tomatoes in till at least another week. They are happy right were they are. Rutgers, Mortgage lifter, Brandy Wine, San Marzano, and Sun Sugar. I also have two Yummy peppers I am trying this year.

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