Papaya germination help

tropicaliaDecember 17, 2010

I just finished to eat this delicious Brazilian papaya I just bought at publix . The label reads Caliman, I don't know if this is the farm name or the type of papaya. Anyways I got a bunch of seeds, clean them up, removed that gelly thingy from the outside and put some in the pot with soil, some in a plastic bag with wet paper towel and some I will dry for few days, soak for 24 hours and then put in the plastic bag. well I guess I am doing a experiment to see which one will germinate? :)

I have them in a warm place inside. To be more specific the bags are on top of my direct tv box, it is nice and warm over there. :)

But I am not sure about the light, to be able to germinate WHere should I put them close to sunlight or in a dark room?

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Ive seen these papayas before, they are small roundish and yellow. i think from Brazil. ive tried germinating them before but i think they all died.

papaya do not like their roots disturbed or being overwatered. you can germinate them in a cup of good draining potting soil and putting a plastic sandwich bag over it to store humidity.

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ohh! :( If they died with you I have no hope!
Yes they are little papayas, very yellow outside, cute.
well I will keep as a project for my son then. I also hear that the hybrid fruits, sometime when you plant they seeds they will not taste like the one you planted?

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Ms. T - one thing I am sure of - they don't need ANY light to germinate.....Good luck senorita!!!!


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Ok I will keep them in the dark. Thank you Senorito!!! :)

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Dont let that stop you im sure you can get them to grow, Im not particularly good at raising seedlings, I tried sprouting them outside and i think maybe fungus killed them.

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Ohh Boy! My seeds are getting really busy with the TV and I am watching their show. How cute they are!! Four days later they were already germinating, can you believe this?
So interesting, this is my first time doing this!

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

...the patience of Job you have, my dear.....



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Papayas plants can be female, male, or hermaphrodite,

round fruits, come from female trees, elongated fruits come from hermaphrodite trees.

ok lets see if I can remember this.

A female tree, pollinated from a male tree seeds have a 50/50 chance male/female

A female tree pollinated by a hermaphrodite, 50/50 % hermaphrodite/female

hermaphrodite self pollinated or by another hermaphrodite,
66% chance of hermaphrodite, and 33 Female.

hermaphrodite pollinated by a male, 33/33/33% chance male/female/hermaphrodite

On commercial farms, seeds known to have a 66% hermaphrodite to 33% female "chance" are planted 4 to a spot, when flowers appear, the healthiest hermaphrodite, is kept, the others are taken out. there is a slight chance that all four end up being female, in that case they select 1 of the healthiest females, and remove the other 3.

the "hermaphrodite" fruit is proffered, the tree can be allowed to grow more fruit, packs easier, and has more "weight" per volume, than those from female trees ( rounder fruit ).

So assuming your seeds came from such a setup, your tree should come out either female, or hermaphrodite, if your tree is female, you will need a male or hermaphrodite tree in the area for pollination, if it comes up hermaphrodite, it can self pollinate.

Some older varieties of papaya and/or plantations, are still grown with female trees and a few male trees as pollinators, the bad thing about this, is there is a chance your plant can come up male.

so a good tip here when using store bought fruit for seeds, select the elongated fruit, ( from hermaphrodite ).

Papayas are fun to grow, they grow fast, I heard of some guy in central America that got over a 1000 fruit from his tree after many years.

another interesting thing about Papayas, is, production actually drops over time, first season will have more than second, etc.

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