When to plant snapdragons?

mommyfox(7)February 7, 2008

Hi guys, I was wondering if y'all thought it was too early to plant snapdragons in DFW. I have the garden itch. (Which is almost certainly nesting, seeing as how I've already cleaned out all our closets and the garage, and now I'm turning my manic eye outside ... )

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I don't know about the planting of snapdragons, but I do know about the gardening itch. I check my winter sowing seeds everyday and get so excited when I see something (and then worry about them when it gets cold at night).

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plant them right away! They get thick and gorgeous if you plant them in late fall or winter. I've found that they last longer if I plant them earlier than later. They might lose some flowers to a freeze but boy when they come back they are boomin! There was even an article in the Dallas Morning News last Friday on snaps in the Gardening Fool column. I love her writing as much as I love Maggie Ross McNeely in the Star Telegram. Don't know if you can link to it.

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Julie, I planted snapdragons last fall and they have lived through the winter. I figure if we get any ice I'd have to cover them. So if your up to it I'd say go for it. Mine you they haven't bloomed but will as soon as it stays warmer.
I'll lose them when it get's to hot for them and I'm not looking forward to that :(
I planted mine in memory of my grandmother :) she loved them.

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Is it too late to plant snapdragon seeds? I just got some that I would like to try. Mommyfox its getting pretty close huh, I wish I had some nesting energy, lol.

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My husband had to stop me from repainting the fish tank stand last night ... This is known as "pregnancy crazy." >.>

I have some snapdragon seeds, too; you guys think I ought to stick 'em out in the garden and let fate do what it will, or start them inside?

Oh, and they're gonna induce on Monday if I don't have the baby this weekend!

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

We'll be thinking about you, mommyfox!!! Take care.

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

OMG!!! Wow mommyfox!!! Whoo hoo a baby right around the corner!!! Word of warning:
Your joints/ligaments are VERY vulnerable right now. I'm glad your DH stop your painting project. My DH had to do the same thing. I wanted to rearrange the furniture. It was this crazy overwhelming feeling. I couldn't believe HOW MUCH I wanted to rearrange the furniture! My MIL hurt herself with her "nesting response" so my DH was forewarned that I might do the same. RESIST!!! Your plan is a good one. Pot up some seeds instead but allow your DH to carry the soil. PJ

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If I was expecting a baby by Mon, the seeds would be going outside. As much energy as I had when nesting, it disappeared after a baby arrived. Let mother nature take care of the seeds.

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my experience with snaps by seed outside has been bad. If you could start them inside in a sunny place that would take no time, go for it. But then again, you might have no time to think about them later.

If you can toss them outside and wet them repeatedly instead of painting the fish tank, they might just germinate fast and take hold.

Do you know the baby's gender? Do you have a name? Will you really be concerned about snaps on Wednesday? Great grins

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mikeandbarb(z8 D/FW)

Julie, I know your ready to have the baby and get back to being you. Even though we love our babies it get's a bit old being pregnant. At least that's how it was for me.
I'd rather be holding and kissing the little :) than carrying it in my tummy. Don't forget pictures when your up to it :)

I found this site hope it's helpful.


Here is a link that might be useful: starting plants from seed

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Yeah, I suspect any concern for snaps is going to evaporate by next week. It's just hard to remind myself to look outside of the moment.

I've been more careful to not get hurt this time around; last time I was all about moving heavy stuff like furniture. AND IT HAD TO BE DONE RIGHT THAT MOMENT. No one but another pregnant woman can understand the URGENCY behind the nesting instinct.

Maybe I'll wait until March and then toss the seeds out, water 'em a lot and just see what happens.

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Hey, thats great. I have a feeling you will care less about plants for the next couple of months at least, lol. You aren't going to want the baby out of your site long enough, lol. Please post pics as soon as you are able to. I am so excited for you. My baby is 12 now. They grow up too fast, lol.

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I put my snapdragons out the end of November, I set out plants, they are doing just great. I have never done the seeds, you can get plants at Lowes for $.10, I went last weekend and they were marked $.25 each, so its not worth planting seeds for me. Barbra,

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this thread is hilarious... i have watched friends try to conquer Mt. Everest at the end...

cynthia, I found the link to the article on snaps... I was glad to read it... the info could apply here in Austin as well. I planted a bunch in fall and they are now about 2x as big and some are even blooming.

I love snapdragons and yeah, because they remind me of my grandmother who grew them in masses on her farm all summer long.... in Michigan ;)

Here is a link that might be useful: dallas article on snapdragons

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