coconut pulp

egyronin(6B-7-BK,NY)March 27, 2013

hi all,i fairly new to vermicompost.i found couple of worms in my potting soil a month ago,i guss thy came from a worm casting i bought last year.i asked around thy told me it is redwegler and the person recommend making vermicompost.i know i am gonna have to move them out of the pot that only has potting mix-no plant now- to mini rubbermade tub i seen on youtube.

my question is
1- how to harvest them from the soil to the new bin seems like a not so easy task thy are all over?

2-i also have lots of coconut pulp from making my own coconut milk in the vitamix..can i put it for them as food?what will you consider it as (carbon rich or nitrogen rich)?

3-when you prepare the bin for the first time do you rot out your kitchen scraps before you put it in?or should i go a head and make the bin put the worms and leave them to do their thing?

i just want them to thrive(since i have them now)not to die off.any advice will help.thankx to you all.

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Build your bin and make up your bedding. Then get some more worms. I reckon you could wait on the few you have to multiply but you will be happier starting with a herd.
Mine love the coconut whites I have used. It should be considered as a N source. I have been using a predigester I made out of of a kitty litter pail with a butt load of holes. I add brown material as needed and the material is in various stages of decomposing as I add it to my bin to feed the worms. So far it is working for me.

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petrock,thankx for the quick answer to my questions.i will diffenetly get some more worms however thy do multiply rather fast.1lb of worms wont hurt anyone,will it?
i like your kitty litter pail idea good thinking.have you harvest any casting from it yet?how did you do it?hence my first question.
i know it will be long before even i think about harvesting

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Hey I am pretty much a newbie at least as far as vermicomposting on a conscientious level. What I meant I did with the kitty litter pail is I use it outside to help manage my kitchen scraps. I did make a bin with 2 18 gal RM bins as a prelude to buying a worm factory. I like it but as near as I can tell you can do a great job with RM totes. I bought 2lbs of worms just because they were on sale. I would say a pound would be plenty. As everyone on here will jump out and say get them red wigglers for best results.
Good luck to you

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I have a question about the juicing "coconut pulp". Is this from coconuts that are brown and have no fiber around them? The fiber around coconuts is called coconut coir and worms love it as a bedding material. It is often called for to replace peat moss which some feel is not an ecological choice. Others feel coir is not an ecological choice due to transportation distance. But have you ever seen young coconut in the store? It is white and pointy. When opened they are filled with coconut water and a thin coating of coconut which is still soft inside like yogurt. The white material outside of the shell is a 1/2 inch layer of coconut coir and it will over time turn brown. If the shell is put into a worm bin, eventually the coir will fall off of the shell. It holds a lot of water and also air spaces. Worms love it. It is bedding. And you get to drink coconut water and eat young coconut or coconut 'yogurt'.

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