Mold and Mites!!

jgoreMarch 19, 2009

I opened my bin today to see white grayish fizzy mold across areas on the entire top of my bin and little yellowish mites were crawling on my bin lid.

What could have caused this overnight? I added some onion and garlic skins yesterday along with some coffee, really just the papery skins though, not actual onion. Is it possible I just had the lid pushed down a little too hard and enough air flow wasn't getting through? Should I consider leaving the lid off for a day to encourage the worms to burrow and air things out??

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I realize I've probably overreacted after reading through the forums for a while. I think my lid was pressed down somehow in the last couple days created poor airflow and caused the development of the white fuzzy mold on the top of my bin.

I stirred things around a bit and saw very few mites compared to what I hear in some others posts and maybe one or two fruit flies, nothing major. Underneath the top couple inches was a lot less moist and the more proper consistency that normally is throughout my bin.

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As long as you don't have dead or crawling worms coming out of every orifice of the bin, the best rule of thumb for a worm bin is to resist the temptation of messing around with it and leave it alone.

I forgot to follow that rule for the last week and a half when I had constantly checked my bin to dispose of a ton of seedlings that sprouted in my bin. Soon the worms began disappearing and squeezing into the bottom drainage area, and they became very very sluggish.

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