Female of Self Pollinating Papaya Tree?

carbosDecember 18, 2008

Hi, all. A few months back I planted about 9 or 10 papaya seeds from Hawaii. I had done some reading and was aware that they can be either male, female, or self pollinating.

Two of the trees are growing especially well and have produced numerous fruits already. . .only to have them reach about golf ball size and then wither up and fall off the tree. Leading me to believe they are female. I have a few photos here: http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a10/Carbo2/Papaya/

Assuming these photos bear out my suspicions, am I out of luck as far as eating fresh homegrown papayas? Can anything be done with future efforts to assure the growth of a few self pollinating trees?

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The males once the get about 2 feet tall very young will produce non-stop flowers. The females only bear fruits when they mature on most species. The crazy thing is you can turn a male to a female by cutting of it's head! It will grow a new head and will become fwmale! Crazy huh?

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

I couldn't see the photos,but you are probably right with them being female and no males around.
When you look at the flower, does it have the yellow fingers (anthers) in the middle? If not, it is female.

You may have to wait, if your other other plants are self-pollinating, they can pollinate your females also.

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You might want to read up on this:

Hope that gives you some more info.

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I don't understand why any one bothers with regular papaya seed that may produce male flowers. One has to wait for months to see what sex the plants are and then all that time and effort is often wasted when the plants turn out to be male.

What you want is hermaphrodite papaya plants. This way you don't have to worry about pollination from one plant to another. The seed I use almost always produces hermaphrodite plants and rarely produce females. They NEVER produce males. The fruit is top quality IF you live where its warm year round meaning it rarely drops unto the 50's.

I get my seeds from Aloha seed. They have many varieties. Many produce 66% hermaphrodite and 33% female. The others produce 50/50.

Here is a link that might be useful: Aloha seed

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