osu blue, p20, blueberry

DTrayMay 27, 2011

a few days back I came across a picture of a blueberry tomato, found out that it came from OSU and can be called a few different names osu blue, p20, blueberry.

I have been searching for days and have not been able to find any of them as most people talking about them say that these tomatoes are not for sale yet.

I know the tastes is not the best but I wanted to give a stab at cross breeding. Can someone point me in a direction where to obtain these seeds, preferably the p20 seeds since they are a few generations newer and more stable than the osu blue.

Thank you in advance

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

OSU Blue was bred by Dr. Jim Myers at OSU and P 20 is a selection of it. If you Google OSU Blue you might come up with a website selling seeds. I looked at Tania's site and she doesn't list it, so Google is your best bet.

Some folks are wrongly equating OSU Blue and it's various selections with what's called Blueberry, but while the former was bred using conventional means the Blueberry one is a GMO one developed in England by the insertion of an actual blueberry gene, not yet released and I don't know of any seed sources that are public but you certainly can Google it and see what you come up with.

I can tell you that some are offering P20 and it's not, and some are offering OSU Blue and when asked if it's P20 they have no idea what it is,

I can also share with you that there are many many folks at different message sites who have been working with the OSU Blue and selections for quite a few years now. The primary interest is getting something that actually tastes good, which for the most part has been somewhat elusive. Dr. Myers and his group are doing the same.

There are other threads here at GW about this and if you plan on working with it it's best to know some of the genetics involved and that's been discussed in detail in those threads so a search here at GW might be a good idea.


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I wouldnt call P20 a selection of OSU Blue. This is because the parent material that contributes the anthocyanins was crossed with many different varieties resulting in many lines which were selected. Some of the info has been posted in research journals but it is probably more info than most could or want to digest. They could be sister lines or they could only share the same wild genetic base. It really doesnt matter too much. However working with P20, according to the literature, tends to have some better combos of desirable characteristics. Since OSU is something someone from the lab took and sent out one cannot be sure if it is this line or some other line.

Good progress has been made on flavor with several lines. The question is really how much "blue" does one want and how important is the atv gene (which makes the foliage more purple and contributes just a little extra to the overall fruit anthocyanin content but adds wild "junk") really to an end goal of a fruit? There tends to be some genetic drag from the wild species that contributed the color which seems to negatively influence the flavor. So when one selects for the 2 different genes, there seems to be more "junk" genes from the wild species dragged along to overcome.

There will be some true horticulture involved if one intends to grow these to sell with optimal color. Look at the pics in the link and one can see what happens if fruit are shaded and/or light doesnt get directly to them. One will likely have to adapt their cultural techniques and put more effort into their culture compared to normal tomatoes to let more light get to the fruit yet still not scald them (more spacing and more labor due to pruning techniques that allow more light to hit the fruit). Fortunately the anthocyanin seems to act like a sunblock and reduce scalding. This is odd since dark colors collect heat but I have yet to fully test that because I am not to a point of testing that issue. I have yet to see them scald when normal ones near them do.

Here is a link that might be useful: a P20 project

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Oh, if you are serious about trying to cross I can send you AND ONLY DTRAY some seed. I was asked NOT to send out P20 seed but I can send you some developed from it. You will have to recover the better anthocyanin lines yourself first to find something to cross with and then work to regain size.

That means you won't really start selecting anything from your own cross for at least 4 generations but if that is still ok with you email


get rid of the symbols

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thanks carolyn and mulio for your responses, I do appreciate the input.

Mulio I am emailing you, i am up for the challenge of taking several years to make an awesome tomato.

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Thanks Keith for reviewing some of the genetics which I know you've done here before, more than once.

OK, let's call P20 a sister line and not a selection. ( smile)

Carolyn, looking at the radar continually b/c we folks in NYS are not used to tornado watches and warnings, etc.

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I am also working with a OSU blue cross with green zebra done by Tom Wagner. So far it is segragating nicely and I have a least two distinct varieties of interest to continue to grow out to F6.

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check out ebay item 110690153540. Can anyone confirm its legitimacy? This is the first I have seen someone selling the plant, I did see the seeds a while back for sale then they dissapeared.

I'm not going to lie, I bought one. I would love to attempt a few crosses. Do you think this seed would be "true to type"? I did inquire of the seller how they obtained this plant as well as if this is OSU blue or P20 (I am assuming the seller doesnt know, or he/she doesnt expect the buyer to care or know anything about it other than that it looks fun)

Any input would be appreciated. I will certainly keep everyone posted when this plant produces and if I am able to create any fun crosses.

Here is a link that might be useful: OSU Blue

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