dadugriffMarch 20, 2014

happy equinox equinoxequinox

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Why Thank you!

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I've always appreciated equinoxequinox best in times of the vernal equinox. He's all pumped up thinking about more sunlight and warmer days and stuff. He makes everyone feel warm and cozy and glad to be a part of the same forum. And we all relish being a part of his enthusiasm for the thing we do here.

But then comes that old autumnal equinox that brings out the wrath of the man heading into the dark, cold abyss that is when cold and misery envelop a person and causes him to stare at a computer screen waiting for any opportunity to take his autumnal equinox revenge out on any and all posters here.

To appreciate the good, you must be able to tolerate the discontent of his other equinox. Not a man for all seasons is he.


BluButterfly disclaimer: I'm just kidding.

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Happy belated equinox EE!

BTW Chuckiebtoo, I believe she is a woman for all seasons...... Also I love the disclaimer

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Well there was that one sweet old guy who did not appreciate the rules against putting links to his business on his very first post. I felt bad about that. Hopefully he will not do that at his next forum and things will work out better for him.

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OH....MY....GOD! I never realized who I was dealing with.

OhmyGod. I gotta go back and read every post in the forum! I gotta find out how I could just make an assumption that just kept on being assumed.

This is almost as bad as the time I met Carol Walker, the man who'd lived across the street from me for 6 months with me thinking "SHE" was the only female plumber I'd ever heard of.


equinoxequinox, I apologize for my 5-year momentary and monumental ignorance.


Moderation, Diversity, Patience & Awareness.

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If worms are gender neutral it only stands to reason that the forum is too. However, I for one am glad our species has more diversity. I so appreciate all of you and your knowledgeable banter. I have been helped immensely here. ps. I'm a male type person.

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LOL, just the way ee writes, I incorrectly assumed she was a he!! I wonder how many of us........the vast majority I'm sure, thought/think the same!

Now Chuckie, we know you be a he.

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I have been following this forum for years. EQ2 has very artfully kept the posts gender neutral. I have the utmost respect for this. Worms are gender neutral. They do not care about their keepers gender, race, sexual orientation, handicap, or social status. This is assuming that orgy I see under that pumpkin slab is NOT a vermi-chat room

EQ2 provides great wit and wisdom. Probably has posted more here than anyone and deserves frequent poster miles...... BUT do not mess with this mean old woman with a few worms in her basement!

CB2 it must be nice having Carol across the street to handle all your plumbing needs
FWIW and to keep CB2 from embarrassing himself, I am a straight, white male, nearly blind retired fire captain with fairly thick skin like EQ2.

Happy wormin' everyone. Pete

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