Need a Mango for Shade....

mangodog(palm springs 9B)December 18, 2010

I've just removed a nasty spiny upright, yellow flowered tree-thing that contiually drops brown pods that I just have HATED for so long, both visually and when trimming the damn thing. And I want to replace it with a mango that grows more upright and not scraggle and droopy like some mangos do, including my Manila. My choices are a Haden/Valencia Pride dual graft, an Alphonso (both in my possession at the moment, though the Alphonso kind of looks like droopy in its growth already) or an Edward that I might/should buy this coming week at Mimomsa.

This tree will be a "public" tree (near a well-traveled sidewalk) so I realize the Red color thing on the fruit, as we discussed, can be a harbinger for thievery! But to me the more important thing will be a vigorous shade producer - you know, one that I can almost shape into an umbrella, say 15 feet high by just as wide at the top. It will be helping to support my Mesquite Tree to shade my circular driveway on the west side in front of my house....

Any advice amigos/amigas?

gracias - mangosnoopdogg

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Valencia Pride, Kent, Haden, Edward, Tommy Atkins (I know...), should all make good shade trees.

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it sounds like you removed an Acacia tree.

when you say "upright and not droopy" to me you are describing the differences between Indian and Asian type trees, Indian trees grow larger but their branches grow out more horizontally spreading often being weighed down and "droopy" Asian mangos tend to grow more vertically making an upright rounder canopy and their fruit in clusters.

Po Pyu Kalay sounds ideal for the location

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


Any of the cultivars mentioned above will grow as you desire. But as for a mango that fruits consistantly in may have your work cut out for you to find such a thing. To my knowledge, while there may be some fruting in a shaded tree, mangoes need sun to reach their fruiting potential. As far as I know, one variety is not significantly better than any of the others for "in shade" fruiting.


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Thanks Squam, Mango K, and Harry. It will depend on what Mimomsa has - if Gilbert has a vigorous Edward, I think that will be the ticket, although the exotic sound (I'm easily swayed by a well-named asian species!) of the tree you mentioned Mango K sounds intriguing, though I wouldn't know where to get a BIG one locally here.....

Harry - what I was trying to say would be that it would provide shade. It will be at least 35 feet from the mesquite and get a ton of sun - i just want the two canopies of each tree to nearly touch some day in the not too distant future for the cars that will be parked underneath them.....if you follow....

Guess I'm set them....when I get those in in front then I'll be on the hunt for a Maha Chinook and Cogshall, when those are set in there places, THEN I will photograph for everyone my setup around the yard like someone else did recently.....

You East Coasters enjoying your warm sun?


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Mangodog, I would get a VP from Mimosa. They grow like weed down here and the fruit is an 8. Mimosa has 20g VP that are 10-11 feet tall.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

JF-Dude - I've already got a 3-in-1 grafted Haden/VP/Nam Doc Mai in a 20 gallon from Mims......I made the mistake of getting a combo graft in November thinking I would get 3 varieties of fruit and then learned how differently they can grow and one is always more dominate than the I'll just have to keep trimming for awhile to keep the race even, and may eventually decide to just let the dominate one take over....


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hmhausman(FL 10B)


You said "shade producer" and I read that as fruiting in the shade.....LOL.......I did mis-read. Anyway, I stand by my advice that any of the above would do. Take care.


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