The Smart Pot for my grafted mamey.

tropicalgrower89(10b)December 11, 2010

I won't move the mamey from one pot to the other yet. It's currently 4ft tall in a 15 gallon pot. But when I do, I'm thinking about using this pot(100 or 150 gallon) 200 gallon is too wide to fit through my gate with the heavy duty two-wheel cart. Also, I think it will grow much better in huge pot than in the ground full of limestone rock. Is this a good pot?

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Oh boy, that sounds heavy. Make sure you use a lighter peaty mix, so that you don't break your back trying to move that boy around.

Mamey sapotes can actually do fairly well in our limestone soil as long as you provide them with iron and micro-nutrients. The sapote trees at Lara Farms look quite nice despite the limestone layer just a few inches beneath the soil.

Even lychees can do quite well in that area, but micro-nutrient application is critical. The last time I went to Going Bananas (in Homestead) a couple of years back, they had stopped fertilizing a few dozen mature lychee trees (because they were going to get rid of them), and they looked absolutely terrible. Meanwhile the dozen or so mature lychee trees that they had continued to fertilize looked pristine.


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