stupid human - weed seeds in germination mix

mr_yanMarch 25, 2013

Well I did it. I mixed a bag of seed starting mix with sifted compost from my worm bin and I have unknown seeds popping up all over.

For things like peas, beets, spinach, and broccoli I have no problem as most of the weeds look like peppers or tomatoes. On the other hand for the 32 peppers and ground cherries I'm at a loss.

I moved the soil up to the warm area I have my seeds starting in hopes that the un-wanteds germinate before I start the next round.
Any other suggestions before I start my tomatoes next weekend.

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Ha! I think that's in the bible. Jesus said just let the weeds grow and burn em at harvest time.
Sorry no offense meant to Christians or Athiests.

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Your experience is at least a good heads up for us. I think I had a mouse that handled all the pumpkin seeds for me.

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I generally have seeds sprout in the bins and they get killed and composted in there but it must not have been warm enough for the peppers and or tomatoes.

I wonder what microwaving will do to the viability of the seeds? Certainly I won't microwave my VC but the balls of bell pepper seeds wound be easy to do.

Thinking about my kitchen scraps - where else would you read that line in seriousness - the only real seeds that we scrap are peppers. There are points where melon seeds are in there and I wouldn't have trouble with apples, strawberries, citrus, pears, and stone fruit messing up my generations-saved peppers.

Pumpkin seeds get coated in olive oil and salt or chili powder and roasted at 350 until they make crackling noises in this house.

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I put all kinds of vegetable and fruit seeds in the worm bins. Some of them sprout, but given that the bin is dark, nothing gets very far. After a while, it's all eaten by the worms. When I screen the VC, I don't see many seeds.


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