Temperature requirments for red wigglers

tey157(8b)March 10, 2008

What is the temperature range for red wigglers? I plan on keeping mine in the garage.


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hi tey, I posted some information on another thread but I'll paste it in here as well.
"1. what is the max temp high and low that you could expect survival with no direct sun? "

"in another thread I suggested coir as bedding and you may want to consider that in your climate. just to give you an idea, for 6 months of the year my daytime temps range from approx 86F - 110F, ocassionally it does get hotter than that but it mostly stays within that range. In those sort of temps coir bedding is your worms best friend. It retains moisture much better than anything else and that is what you want to avoid in high temps, a dry bin.

I've known plenty of people who lost their entire worm population during a hot spell in my climate, but I've found temps above 95f to be the most problematic, it's really important during those days in particular, that the bin stays moist and cool or your worms could keel over and die. "

tey, can you put your worm bin under a nice shady tree in summer? I know that my garage gets quite hot in summer and you won't get any air flow through your bin which is really important to help keep it cool in hot weather. If you can find somewhere that will stay shady all day that would be ideal, you dont want your bin to get any direct sun if you can avoid it.

my winter temps dont get very low so I keep my bin outside all year round. my overnight winter temps only get as low as around 32-50f and they do fine in that but if you temps get very low in winter then the garage may be a good place to keep them warmer.

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Thanks, for the input gives me alot to think about. I guess I'll have to put the bin under a shade tree during the summer. I don't want my worms to die.


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