Quaker tomato

bill66(S/W Mo.)May 4, 2012

Friend gave me some seeds. He wrote on a peice of paper that they were "LARGE TOMATO grown by Shakers pre 1830. 12 oz. sweet and rich.

I planted some seeds and they really were fertile. They grow fast. Today I bagged the ones that have started to bloom. Hoping so save seeds from them. Can anyone tell me, are these tomatoes very good eating? Like lots of acid (which I like).. Thanks Bill

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

Was there any variety name on the seed pack at ALL? The Shakers sold seeds of many varieties to others wherever they had their places, whether the home place where Mother Ann Lee started from, and that was near the Albany airport and I was raised in a Shaker built home/farm, that was one of their outlying farms. So have always had a strong interest in anything Shaker.

The Shakers did sell seeds for a variety called Early Large Red, maybe that's what you have, and it dates back to about 1840 so the timing is correct.

It's a large red beefsteak, quite ribbed, indet and RL,, I've grown it b'c it was resurrected and SSE listed many years ago by a husband and wife who were SSE members, and I think it's of historic interest but doesn't have the greatest taste as is true of many from that era where seeds are still available, as they are with Early Large Red.

I tried to link to the page at Tania's site, but it was loading so slowly that I gave up for now.

Hope that helps.


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