Lees and Trub

equinoxequinoxMarch 31, 2014

What say ye? For the chickens or the worms? I expect to have a little bit in 6 months. I already put my SCOBYs in the bin. Perhaps if I use the lees and trub to moisten new bedding.

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It will be like sailors on shore leave in your bin. Treat the herd!

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This may bring us into a whole new level of wormin'. The steroid era. Juicing. PED's.

Be careful. There could be unforeseen circumstances. It's not nice to fool with Mother Nature.

You may need a bigger bin.

That 6' worm pic might be just the tip of the......worm.

If any of those "enhanced" vermi break out into the wild and start spreading the wealth (enhanced sexual characteristics would be hard to imagine but.....) the consequences could be, uh... consequential.

Keep a good journal for, you know EQ2, if something were to happen.

You are a brave worm-person to wade into...no...go into unknown squirms.

Good luck.


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SCOBYs... Hmmm... I have forsaken making kombucha, but I could be enticed to continue 'encouraging' SCOBYs for worms. I have a couple laying around in the 'frig. Looks like they're headed for the worm bin.

Speaking of 'food':

While the thread that discussed pressure-cooking dog poop IN THE HOUSE was STUNNING, (where are the emoticons with bugging eyes and jaws dropping), it did get me thinking about other "manure" besides goat. I have, in my yard in the spring, the 'leavings' of several moose. There would be no difficulty in collecting 10 lb or so of moose marbles. It is for all intents and purposes a once a year thing, and in fact, I consider it merely novel, not 'valuable'. Normally, I simply mow the piles of "marbles" into the lawn with the mower the fist time I mow the lawn, but I think I will - at least this year - take the trouble to collect the majority of it and add it to the worm bins. My worms will be getting some moose marbles to munch this spring.


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Delete duplicate post.

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priswell(9 CA)

>>While the thread that discussed pressure-cooking dog poop IN THE HOUSE was STUNNING,I'm glad I missed that one. . .My pressure cooker will not be available for that experiment.

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Honestly, that may be one of the most amazing things I have read on the internet in the last 15 years.


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"most amazing things" including the part where a poster chimed in with the whole dog poop in a crock pot venue.

That would be the second most stunning on my list. The most stunning was a few years of late night on some posting area I called the bathroom because the tile or venue kept changing randomly. The topic was history specifically wars and tactics. Think Chuck Noris vs Yoda but with countries and wars of history to way back when. Usually the room was populated by only two or a few people chatting. Strangely each person took the time to address and sign off of each post with who to and who from despite a marked lack of people in the room. After a few years discussing military strategy every night of every war ever fought, and the pros and cons of every military action and if it worked or not since the dawn of man one poster said they had to go practice violin. Poster two of this multi year discussion said something like "bet that does not increase your chances of picking up the girls. hint hint wink wink" Poster two replied, "I am a girl." After many years I do not believe another sentence was ever uttered between the two. I think it was a great loss of two minds and lots of information shared. But boiling up poop is a close second in my book.

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