How Often Do You Harvest Your Worm Compost?

KendraSchmidtMarch 20, 2013

If you have a multi-tier bin, I'd like to ask, how often do you harvest from your bin? (Once per week? Once per month?) I'm thinking that if I harvest more often, I can cut down on the fluids collecting at the bottom of the bin.

I'd just like to know how often you harvest, I'd appreciate any feedback from multi-tier wormbin users.

Thank you everyone.

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priswell(9 CA)

I don't use multi-tier wormbins, I use regular RM bins, and I usually harvest once a year, or sometimes only once every other year. I harvest side to side - feeding one end, harvesting out of the other. I'm not in any hurry, because I've been keeping worms for 20+ years, and so I just get into a rhythm of feeding, overlooking the situation, and harvesting compost when the bin(s) fill up.

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I had a 4 tier RM (9 gal.size) bin and I harvested one bin each month on rotation (4 months old and full to 1" from the rim). Worm population between 1.25 to 1.75 lbs.

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What brand multi-tier worm bin do you have, Kendra?

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espor(z5 PA)

I have a 3 tier Can-of-Worms and harvest the first day of every month. This means the bin to be harvested is 3 months old. Sometimes it is processed very well and other times, like April 1st, not so much. So it goes back on top and goes through the 3 months again. I did get to harvest almost 1/2 of the bin so it wasn't a total loss.

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Have a regular bin same as priswell and just as long going. I harvest every 6 mos from one end or the other.

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