Cultivating more worms

BluButterfly323(8)March 18, 2014

I read where feeding compost worms cow manure and vegetables causes them to have tons of baby worms vs making lots of compost. Has anyone tried the baby boom method with manure?

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Horse manure works great. The PERFECT worm food and bedding. It makes babies!

Never tried cow manure, but it has less nutrition left for the worm.

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Am unaware of what the "baby boom method" is.

One thing babies are qualified to do is poop. And grow and make more poop. So if the method is "Make PooP Not Babies" then the equation of more bums = more poop is not valid.

Do pregnant worms poop less than non pregnant worms?

Rereading your post you may be more interested in baby worms than "compost". What is good for one is good for the other.

The missing part of the equation is feeding "cow manure and vegetables" vs ? What are we comparing against here?

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The attached image shows the front page of an excellent paper on vermiculture in Nova Scotia. In the paper is a table summarizing the production that each of several "food" sources produced, among which are horse manure, cow manure, chicken manure and several others.

I found it good reading.


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Every worm farmer has, or should have, a guiding principle or SET of principles. A "line of demarcation" in the sand. An intolerance point of which they refuse to cross.

Granted, because we all get a tremendous amount of enjoyment and satisfaction out of playing with worms and worm poop and rotting vegetation, our intolerance points and guiding principles levels are pretty low.

Despite the fact that me and the neighborhood kids played baseball in an ACTIVE cow pasture next to my house as a kid and I naturally and occasionally went home after sliding into third base and through a pile of pretty freshly produced grounds-keeping oversight to the horror and scorn of my mother, I did not become used to "cow".

Messing with cow dung is below the bottom rung of my intolerance levels. The same can be said for human..........feci.


Moderation, Diversity, Patience

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Chuckiebtoo the only thing in my worm bin , currently is paper, cardboard, some dirt, sand and worms. You misunderstood my post. I don't play in manure of any kind. I am intrigued by my worms, period. The process of adding manure has not even happened. I feed the worms , check them out, aerate my bin and I wanted to know if being in the bin several times a day stresses my worms. You did not need to give me some kind of verbal slur about my activity.

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I am new to this site, but I do not believe chuckiebtoo's response was any sort of slur. He appears to be a 'thinking man' with a sense of humor. I believe his post was made as a philosophical comment with a bit of humor added for 'flavor'.


PS - OR... maybe I mis-interpreted YOUR response and it was supposed to be humorous too. Dry humor and sarcasm don't seem to 'translate' well in written communication.


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BluButterfly...Accept my apology for not making sure that you understood what I was saying, and the way I was saying it.

pskvorc is absolutely on point with his assumption that my post was not a slur. As anyone here will tell you, and the archives will verify, my "wryness" is intentionally wacko sometimes to break up a little of the tediousness of reading and responding to this stuff many times.

It is also partially unintentionally wacko because I'm pretty wacko in real life, and not being presumptuous, I don't pretend to be otherwise.

Another great thing about, say...exaggeration and outrageous irony, and sometimes seemingly ridiculousness: it sometimes makes points and brings out thought processes of wormers much better than repeating by rote a response that has been responded to over and over for years.

For instance, the subject of cow manure is brought forth pretty often, and I've commented on it differently all the time but always emphasizing how much I am averse to the usage of it because all of us WILL be playing with the wormies, and sorting thru bins sometimes..

That said, because I am an absolute lover of horse manure (proving that all manures are not the same), I always want to make it absolutely clear that cow manure is not a good choice of manures to dabble in.....unless you own a dairy farm or a bunch of cows.

I keep raised beds of horse manure in my backyard all year long. Flies never are attracted to it, but if a cow walked across my yard there'd be a swarm of flies following closely behind anticipating a bed and breakfast opportunity when the cow dropped the inevitable load on my driveway.

I also don't like using smiley's or LOL's or other little tricks to explain that the stuff I posted is supposed to be funny and not derogatory.

See, I told you I'm a wacko! :), LOL, :-)


Moderation, Diversity, Patience

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You got to be a little whacko if you post on a public forum discussing worm poop!

I can see nothing posted by cb2 on this thread that is in any way offensive.
Keep on bringin' that wormy wit and wisdom. We need it. I enloy reading your posts. You have a gift with the written word.

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