Covering worm bin with black plastic

yolos - z 7b/8a Ga.March 16, 2014

I have a holding bin for leaves and other stuff that I keep until I can fill a whole compost bin to start another batch of compost. I got some 1 year old horse manure and pine shavings from my neighbor and put it in this bin. For the first time I now have worms in my garden area that must have come with the horse manure. I am not trying to make a worm bin but am trying to keep these worms healthy and reproducing so I can start adding them to my bottomless raised beds. They may not stick around but I want to try.

I am excited but I have a question for you worm experts. I laid a piece of black plastic on top of the pile of shredded leaves, horse manure, and vegetative waste to keep the bin moist. When I lift up the plastic there are large worms scurrying around the top of the pile. Is the black plastic beneficial to keeping the worms happy and moist or is there a problem leaving this plastic on top (like lack of air circulation or some other reason).

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It has been unusualy cold it the SE this winter so I would think the plastic is adding alot of heat and of course it's always moist under it. As long as you have enough airation for the compost,the worms will be happy. The more one looks at reccomendations for ideal conditions,the more you realize how hardy worms actually are. I don't store leaves. As quick as they are geathered I start them composting. After the compost is passed heating,I add a few worms. Understand I don't work near as diligently as most people so a pile might get drier than desired or may not be turned on scedule. The most obivious thing I do that isn't reccomended is smaller piles since I don't store material until I can fill a large bin. In you case I would suggest throwing some horse manure or veggees in for the worms.

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