Hey! I'm Home Now!

dan_the_mailmanAugust 19, 2008

Okay, I wanted to post this here so I didn't have to on all the various threads. I got home last night at about 9pm after a 13-hour drive, brought in the perishables, ate part of italian bread Paula sent home with me, and went to bed. The cats swarmed me (if it's possible for 2 cats to do that!), and that's how we slept. I unpacked the car this morning, and now I'm heading towards the livingroom to put it all away.

I had a great time with Paula, and we're both looking forward to making it permanent. I even taught her to get the seeds out of everything she cooks with, and whenever she takes a walk! hehehe

As for the people I have the various swaps going on with, I'll be getting in touch with you all over the course of the next few days so I can get your boxes out.

Hope everyone is having a fabulous day!!!

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

glad you made it back and that you had a great time...and that you enabled Paula.."L"

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Welcome back, Dan! I'm glad everything went so well! We're looking forward to being able to get to know Paula and making her part of the "family!"


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Glad to see you had a great time! How did the meeting with the future In-laws go??

Is collecting seeds the only thing you taught her?!? LOL

I hope you guys enjoyed your care packages! And, just to let ya know, we did the colorful packaging hoping that one of your PO buddies would notice the boxes and you would open them at work! LOL

I hope you took pics!


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WELCOME HOME DAN!!!color>size>

I too am looking forward to getting to meet this Paula person you keep talking about....ROFL We need pics of the two of you standing or sitting together (fully clothed might I have to add!)

Vic...umm shame on u...get out of the gutter...LOL. (U silly lady, u have too much time on your hands, we really need to find you a job....ROFLMBO...HEHEHE)

:) Fran

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Now Fran, maybe it's YOUR mind in the gutter?!?
I was just wondering if Dan taught Paula any other gardening techniques! "G"

I'm off to drop my resume at various places today! What fun!!

I did have a job for a day! LOL
The pay was AWESOME, but it's per diem, so I may not be needed again for a loooooong time : ( IF I could work for that company 2 days a week I would make more than I did working full time at my prev. job! I wish they had more work here in Montana.

Off to find a job to support my gardening!

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Oh well then Ms. Vic...I misuderstood ur intentions...lol.

I wanted to clarify mine B4 there was innuendo....ROFLOL yet again...hehehe.

Hope u find a job dear lady...would be nice if u could work for the company you were talking about...sounds like it was a nice one...

I have decided I need a job to support, umm humm my gardening habit too. No really...that is why..I am addicted to dirt...
LALALALALA....oh..look at the pretty colors...ohhh...ahhh...p-r-e-t-t-y...

hehe, hick-up...hehehe

:) Fran

SORRY DAN THE LADY'S HICHJACKED YOUR POST...better get used to that..lol...just kidding...

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Hi Dan!

I also live in Michigan and glad I'm not the only one here. LOL! Please sign me up I really like to be on a Round Robin Exchange.

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Hi Organic, ummm......you must not of read this tread very closely, it's not for a RR.
But nice to meet ya

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Fran, I got used to getting hijacked by the ladies a looooong time ago! With 3 sisters and a mother, in a 1-bath house, my childhood was one of some very intense training! LOL!
And, as for what Paula learned besides seed-saving, well, that's best left between her and me I think! LOL!!! Now, get your minds out of the gutter, willya? It's getting a little crowded, and I like some elbow-room!
Now, get out there and find those jobs ladies! Hope the job search goes well for you two!

This is not a sign-up for a round robin, just a "quick" note of my return from visiting the future wife in her hometown in New York for all my GW friends.
If you'd like to join a round robin, sign-ups should be beginning soon for the September swaps. Two groups I'd recommend are the Pedal Pushers and the MNF (we call it Making New Friends, but sometimes it's really Mischievious-N-Frolicsome).


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Welcome back Dan!


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At first it looked to me a round robin just had to make sure if it was. Sorry Dan I was wrong abit hope you all forgive me.

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Welcome home Romeo, tell us all the fun details. My son met a girl on line went to meet her and found she was bald, a bit of a shock, he married her but it didn't last. so hope your luck was better.any lil ones on the way ?a fun job is working in a flower shop, most shops will train you to design, pay starts low but as you get better so does the pay. I went to school to be a designer but most of the girls in our shop started as flower cleaners and learned to design.working with flowers all day is a happy job.I wanna thankyou ladies and 1 man for letting me play in this great fun group. is pixi in this group?I miss seeing her posts
happy gardening carol

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I'm sending the echinacea seeds that you wanted out today.


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Carol, all I'm going to say more about my trip is that I had a glorious time, am planning a new life with Paula, and we're now working on the details as to when and how she's moving in with me! Other than that, and what I've already said at the beginning of this thread, you'll just have to keep guessing. This ol' boy was taught to not kiss and tell! Though I do believe there are some here who'd like me to tell a few things!
I will say one more thing though. I've found out you were responsible for that first box I received, with the massage and pedicure kits. So, without further ado...THANK YOU!!! Our favorite part of those boxes was the vanilla almond massage oil. Where did you get that??? I'm gonna have to get more, Paula's got me wearing it as a cologne now. And let me tell you this, I definitely like the reaction I get from her when she smells it on me! OH YEAH!!! LOL!!!

And Lisa? A big THANK YOU to you too! I found out on my trip that echinacea is one of Paula's favorites, so I want to fill my garden with them! Is there anything on my seed list you'd like in return?
have a happy weekend everyone!


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I am not guilty of sending massage oil if it had been me it would have been edible, I'm a lttle further out there than some. I'm happy for you and Paula, does she have hair ? or for that fact do you ? Pixie, where are you ? how is my Foxy Fox ? Might see ya'll next year my kids are talking about flying me down. I just can't seem to get your name, would someone cheat please and give me Pixie's name in a future swap ? Got plans for her. 3 more weeks until puppy sale time. I'm gonna miss them. flowers are winding down. happy gardening

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