Going bottomless outdoors

mendopeteMarch 17, 2014

Why go bottomless outdoors?

  1. Moisture control: It never gets too wet down there.
  2. Ventilation: Always plenty
    3)Temperature control: nearly impossible to overheat
  3. Flies: there are a few but bother nobody
  4. Odors : very little if any
  5. Escape route: safety for the overheated worm. The worm will return when things cool down

This hobby of ours is easy, relaxing and fun. Don't take it too seriously!

I always go bottomless outdoors because my wife won't allow it in the house..... Pete

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Pete, if I had read your post somewhere besides the Vermicomposting Forum, I would swear you were talking about the advantages of not wearing underwear.


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Whoops, wrong forum! Sorry

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Following chuckieb's comment, I got quite a crack-up when i got to the 'Flies' part!
Now, too bad I live in an apartment with lots of neighbors.... I mean I dont have a yard!

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7) If a little poop falls on the ground, it is not a big deal. Just pick it up and serve it for dinner

Never go topless outdoors.... They will dry-up and shrivel, or the raptors will peck at them

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Natures_Nature(5 OH)

You guys are great!

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Sorry if this post offends anyone. The Irish in me came out.

I am a believer in the outdoor bottomless method. I have had great success doing this in zone 8. I do it because it is easy, and I have a large volume to compost

If you have burrowing critters, put a piece of hardware cloth down first. Worms may pass, but gophers will not!

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Digging my bottomless bin today! Found a new perfect spot in deep shade. Going 12" deep or so in Zone 8 with 4" above ground.

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Should I put the bin under some shade or would a piece of burlap over the bin be fine?


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IanE that is a difficult question to answer. It depends on the type of bin, volume of the bin, feedstock being used, and your specific micro-climate.

I have worm cages in full sun. Lots of straw is used on the sides and tops to shade and retain moisture. Sometimes I cover this with cardboard as well. It is sometimes foggy here in the summer, and 80F is a hot day.

I think full sun is beneficial in cooler months.

More than a little burlap will likely be needed in summer sun.

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Thank you for the reply!

I think I will try to put it somewhere in half sun half shade the best I can, I live in Florida, it's always hot here haha.

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