Fairchild #2 Canistel--- first taste

gnappiDecember 7, 2011

Last spring I fell for canistel at Jeff's place after trying one of his Bruce cultivars and got a little Fairchild #2 from him. To both of our surprise it bloomed and set about a dozen fruits... which one by one the tree self aborted with the exception of two little fruits.

Well, today one fell to the ground totally ripe and I FINALLY got the chance to try it. True to what I heard, it's outstanding. Sweet, creamy, excellent eating skin, and only the very slightest touch of latex deposited on my lips. No worse than kissing my GF when she's wearing lipstick :-0

This coming year I REALLY wait for it to fruit. Has anyone had the opportunity a #2?

FINALLY, I have two seeds I'm willing to give up if anyone is interested, but Jeff gets first dibs :-)


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you're gonna have lots of peeps wanting to know what it feels like after kissing your GF ... lmao, that's a good one Gary


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If they're THAT curious, maybe I'll let them try it for themselves... At five bucks a pop... she tells me lipstick is getting expensive !!!


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zands(10b Fl)

Jeff? Who is Jeff? Anyways I saw him today and he has huge canistel with many fruits hanging at the moment. I said to him what I have said many times (not just to him). That dead ripe canistel is butterscotch pudding and that the person who makes canistel+chocolate candies will make a million dollars. I do not own a canistel tree....just saying....

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I passed by Jeff's house to buy an atemoya tree last week and he gave me two canistel fruits to try. It was my first time tasting this fruit and I loved the creamy texture and the super sweet taste. Now I need to add one to my collection but i need a bigger yard lol. How large does the fairchild #2 grow? Can it be maintained at a reasonable height or is it a large tree like Jeff's?

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FWIW, Fairchild's site only says it's a "compact" tree. It looks like they say that or claim they can be kept smaller about many of the trees I bought for that reason. Most notably my Makok Sapodilla, Jackfruit, and #2 Canistel.

I have mine in a location that is about 10' from a Jakfruit and 15' from a Sapodilla for that reason. I hope to keep them pruned to let them all get decent light, but provide a shady canopy for me to walk under.

We'll see... But since you mentioned Jeff's bruce, I hope to taste them side by side someday, but if my memory serves me I would say this one easily as good maybe a bit better.

One thing is for sure, I would not refuse either!

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HAHAHAHA The fairchild #2 is very yummy. I'm shocked that your tree fruited already. That tree is less than 2 years old!

The tree that I got the budwood from was only about 7 feet tall and probably 10 years old. Fairchild #2 can be kept small with annual pruning.

I should warn though - they don't come true to seed. They are highly variable from what I've seen.


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Does the fairchild #2 canistel have a funky smell to it when ripening?

About 5 years ago, I had a canistel fruit ripening in the kitchen, and it was like if somebody farted in the oven.. It ended up in the trash outside. lol The fruit looked good on the outside and it didn't feel rotten. It was from a seedling canistel tree(unknown variety). Basically, that was the only chance I've ever had of tasting one.

By reading about the size of the fair child #2 canistel tree, it sounds like a good tree for the small space I have left in my backyard. :-)

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It looks like you've already answered my question in an old post you made back in 2010. haha

"Eventually I tracked down a 'Fairchild #2' tree and acquired some budwood. This is the 2nd season that I've observed the crop of the mother tree, and I have to say that I agree with Mr Clift; the Fairchild #2 is likely the best tasting canistel out there. IT HAS NO AROMA, no detectable latex, and an exquisite flavor unlike the others. Moreover, it's also highly productive."


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Does anyone locally have the fairchild canistel for sale?
Excalibur has them but they are really expensive..although Richard told me that his prices have come down
Once again, my same question ( sorry) about planting this time of year..is it ok for canistel? for cherimoya?

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Fairchild #2 is absolutely fantastic! I tried the fruit and finally, I agreed to have my friend Crafton Cliff to graft a couple seedling for me. Currently, they are inside my greenhouse, and It looks like both grafts are taking. In my oppinion, the best canistel I have tasted!

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Excalibur doesn't sell fairchild #2. I usually graft a dozen or so for sale every year. I think I have 2 left...


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Hi Jeff
You got mail.

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Does anyone know where I might find a Fairchild #2 canistel? Excalibur says they don't and won't have any, and Pine Island says they won't have any until next year!

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