Hatcher Mango

swrancherDecember 4, 2009

Can anyone describe what other type of Mango the "Hatcher" Mango is most like from Hatcher Hill in Lantana, Florida? It seems to resemble the Keitt type in looks and size but it tastes different.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I have it, but it a relatively new planting. Hopefully, it'll fruit this year for the first time. I have generally heard good things about it. I am sure the hype out of the Hatcher Hill sales people may tend to give it just a wee too much praise. I did have a friend who bought them every year...thought they were very good except for one year.....they had an odor of sewage when cut open. he took them back and got others...but the same result. Perhaps they began using Milorganite or something, who knows....but that odor problem did not reoccur in the next year. So, I purchased one of the trees.

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I just checked out their site. Do they seriously get $50 plus shipping for 4 freaking mango's??? I don't care how good they claim they are that is insane. I was considering picking up a tree, but I would imagine they must be at least $1000 each if the fruit is that much.

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I can't understand how people are willing to pay that much for their mangos. Granted I have not tried Hatcher but I highly, highly doubt they are that much better than any other variety. I had thought about stopping by their place to buy some one day until I read how much they charge.

I imagine they charge exorbitant prices for their trees as well. Its a Haden/Brooks cross by the way.

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Hello Harry,
How are you doing? I am happy so far with mangoes from Top. i am going to try to keep a schedule for spraying mangoes for anthracnose. I was wondering though, smeone had said that you have to protect the roots from the spray but you should spray the soil. I just wonder how I should do that with potted trees? I also wanted to ask you about the Hatcher mango. Is it really as good as all the hype people have been giving it? I read that they are supposed to be organic. I wonder if that alone intensifies the flavor. Lastly, how much did you pay for a tree? I can only imagine if the fruit is that expensive(I would NEVER pay that price for ANY mango. I would rather pay for Champagne mango and even here, they are still resonable. When dod they come in season do you know??

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Hi Andrew:
I'm doing fine, thanks. I should first preface my comments in response to your question with the fact that I do no spraying while trees are in pots. Not that I wouldn't....I just haven't had the need. Nothing stays in pots long enough to develop problems it seems. That being said, I don't think that copper fungicide is harmful in the amounts that you are supposed to use it. It isn't to be used as a soil drench. It is basically a foliar spray and can, I guess be used to lightly spray the surface of the ground...or potting medium around the tree. I generally have not sprayed very much during any particular season. I think I have maybe sprayed 4 times, most, in a typical season. Sometimes I ahve only sprayed once. Not sure if there would be any repercussions if you did a weekly spraying of potted trees.....but I would suspect that there would be none. Nurseries certainly spray extensively while their trees are still in pots. So, I think you are safe. I would just use the "less is more" guide to govern your spraying.

Re: Hatcher....I had read a newspaper article about Hatcher Hill and their famous Hatcher mango. It said that people were going nuts for this mango and that they had loyal customers who bought them year after year.....like a tradition. I wasn't sure about all the hype but I looked into buying a tree from Hatcher Hill. There was a waiting list. I think they were asking about $75 for one of their grafted trees. Not sure of the size. A whole season went by and I received no call that I had made my way to the top of the waiting list. Then...I am not absolutley sure, but I think I had one of my friends shopping at the Palm Beach Rare Fruit Club's annual sale and there was a Hatcher for sale. I don't remember the price now, but it was less than $75.....might have been as low as $35. Anyway, it has been in the ground now for about 3 years and may be large enough to allow a couple of fruit to set this year. Of course, I have to endure the drama of awaiting first fruit to establish that what I bought was, indeed, a Hatcher.

Re: Champagne mango......very nice mango when there are no other mangos around and a mile better than the usual store bought mangos. I have tasted quite a few of them. I would rank them anywhere from "fair to good"......not matching other mangos during season, some of which I would rank as "very good" or "excellent." So if I would rank Champagne on 10 point scale, it would rank somewhere between a 5 and 6 overall. For those that like tart mangos, eating them while not dead ripe may cause such persons to rate them slightly higher. I am not one of those who has to have tart to fully enjoy. I understand that the Hatcher season is July and August...which would generally make it a mid season to early late season cultivar. This can be variable based upon a number of factors. I am also told that the tree is a fast grower and can get quite large. Take care.


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