Mango Fertilizer

Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)December 3, 2011

What is the best for

- Flower/fruit production

- Growth flushes

Thanks, MGB

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murahilin(10 fl)

Asking questions is fine and all but that question makes it clearly evident that you did not spend a second trying to search for your answer before asking in the forum. Google and this forum has tons of info on fertilizer.

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"Google and this forum has tons of info on fertilizer"

You are correct, but things change and there's always someone who has had good experience with another brand?

In my experience, Excalibur nursery in Boynton Beach Florida has an excellent fertilizer that has done very well here and with people I know using it. I am not sure if it's worth shipping though or even if they would ship it.

In the past I had the most productive mango I've ever seen. It was called a "peach mango" that had no fertilizer except a regular diet of fish carcasses.

As far as I'm concerned, I have no problem seeing the same question asked again.

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zands(10b Fl)

Man-Go-Bananas ---

The following pertains to mangoes but not necessarily all other fruit trees or plants:

NPK fertilzer
N= nitrogen which makes leaves and branches grow
P= Phosphorous which makes the roots grow
K= Potassium which promotes flowering and fruiting

Guys like Richard Campbell at Fairchild Gardens gets extreme and says just feed your mango tree tree K. Yes you can get straight potassium fertilizer. I have a bag of that and a bag of straight phosphorous/phosphate. I just fed some of my mango trees straight potassium.

But most of the time I am feeding them an NPK fertilizer that also has minor elements such as Vigro from HD which has time release nitrogen so harder to burn your plants. I feed them the Zill recommended way. Zill also says get a fertilzer that has minor elements not just your staight NPK. Bear in mind this is for a planted in ground mango. In pot you use less chemical fertilizer

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Thanks Zands,

I never read about Fairchild recommending just K.

As a side note, I forgot that I also use ash from my chiminea which from what I read has an N-P-K value of 0-1-3.
There are issues using it with soil acidity though.


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pj1881(10a PBC Fla.)

The stuff they sell at Excalibur was produced for the Rare Fruit Council. Im pretty sure its an 8-3-9 with minors immediate release. I use it every month on my trees and have no problems with cycles.

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Man-Go-Bananas(Zone 9)

Thanks everyone! I did Google this question but I wanted advice from people that actually had experience with using certain types.

Zands- Is that your Julie Mango? If so, how do you like it?

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zands(10b Fl)


Just K for mangoes after 3-4 years when they are fruiting. Before that use NPK with minors. This is my understanding of what Richard Campbell at Fairchild advocates. I emailed him 3 years ago and his one line answer was to use 0-0-50 fertilizer meaning straight potassium

The slant at Fairchild is for smaller mango trees and condo mango trees. Using just K fits into this program because by not fertilizing with N you not stimulating branch and leaf growth. So your mango tree grows more slowly which fits into their small mango tree philosophy. They want to see a mango tree in every yard and for a tiny yard at least one condo mango. My automobile repair guy has a Julie mango planted 30ft from his repair bays. Mango trees should be planted in public spaces instead of stupid sterile trees. A park near me has 20 sterile coconut trees planted. But one is bearing coconuts due to a mistake (lol). In my book all should be bearing coconuts. Maybe cities are afraid of lunatic lawsuits. In parts of Ft Lauderdale there are bearing coconut trees by sidewalks, on public property. In San Antonio I saw pecan trees planted by the municipality. In Oroville California I saw the same for tangerine trees

You have seen older homes with one huge mango tree in the backyard. That was the old way. The new way of Fairchild and others is more smaller mango trees and varieties to extend your mango season. Both ways are valid plus you can mix them up. Some of your mango trees you fertilize to get larger and some you fertilize to keep smaller plus prune them to keep smaller

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