where can i get the worms?

deeryqMarch 25, 2014

hi guys.. i want to start my composting project but where can i find the redworms supply here in malaysia? to be more specific here in sarawak... can you guys help me please... give me link if you guys have any info... thank you so much guys...

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We seem to get this question a lot. Perhaps we need a poster who is a red worm, and other worm, expert knowledgeable about worm sourcing around the world.

It is always nice when posters asking for worm suppler questions such as where do I purchase worms from stick around for a while. Otherwise I squint one eye.

Do red worms infest every manure pile of horses around the world?

On the other hand it is great that people who have not had exposure to gardens and farm animals are interested in vermicomposting. They need sources to purchase worms online. Hopefully they will grow their worms and then meet people to share their worms with and trade for SCOBY's, and kefir grains, and gardening information and potato starts, and seeds, and other information. A worm start could be the start of so much more. A human community.

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