Carrot shavings

sf170089April 10, 2008

I am just wondering if anyone else has seen this. My worms seem to ignore carrot shavings. I have had carrot shavings in my worm bin for ~ 3 weeks. It looks as if they are all still there! Since then, I have added asparagus ends, banana peals, apple cores, zucchini ends, strawberry ends, old blueberries, and others that I can not seem to remember. All have been eaten, but the carrot shavings remain.

Has anyone else seen this, or are my worms finicky?

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As with most things in the worm business- just give it time.

Carrots are a lot like Potato peelings- they take a while to break down. I have potato peelings in my bins and they will hang around for a while and then just go soft and the worms are all over it.
I figure having them in the bin helps keep the bedding from compacting and helps keep the soil pH in good shape.

- You can also cook or microwave the carrots before adding them to the bin. It'll soften it up and allow it to decompose quicker. (Yes, yes- add only after cooling.)

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newoahuwormer(11 - Hawaii)

I've fed mine "carrot pulp" from juicing carrots. I've also thrown in potato & carrot peelings and haven't noticed any
problems. . .I DO mix everything up before placing in the bin.
How are they going to SEE if they don't eat their carrots!

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newoahuwormer, you made my day.
Gonna remember that one!

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Peelings from root vegetables like carrot, potato and beet take longer to decompose because they can actually continue growing in the bin. My mother ignored her bin a few winters ago and in the spring it was full of mini potatoes. Cooking root vegetables first makes them decompose faster because it kills them. You can also freeze them or chop them into fine pieces.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wormgirlmontreal

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I hadn't thought about that. I suppose if they were in big enough piece they might try and grow, especially if they got just a little light too.

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Carrots do take quite a while to decompose, and I've seen old ones floating around in my bin for quite some time. But eventually Mother Nature takes over and the worms have their carrots. It's good because if you skip feeding them for a while, the carrots will be there to be eaten eventually.

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