Calling all MNF Members!!!

jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)August 26, 2009

I was just wondering where everyone is, how everyone is and what's going on with each of you. After being gone for a month and mostly only lurking since my surgery in May, I feel like I've lost touch with everyone and want to mend that.

I'm also wondering what and when the next swap is and who will be hosting it. I've noticed there isn't much chatter on the current swap's thread, so I figured perhaps everyone would see this standing alone.

I also want to welcome any new MNF members and encourage them to introduce themselves to everyone and tell us a little about themselves. And for those newbie lurking and wondering what all this is about, post so we can meet you and help you out! Even if it's just for info to learn about Round Robins!

So everyone speak up! I miss everyone and want to feel like I'm part of things again! I need that at this point. I feel like I've been wallowing in my own misery too much and need to get outside of what's going on with me. So take some pity on me and give me something else to think about, PLEASE!



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Good Morning Kathy;
I am pleased to see you are on the mend. For me, I have decided to step away from MNF, GW and round robins. I was not enjoying the experience and found it was creating stress in my life. Life is way too short and I am not getting any younger. I am available to chat via e-mail anytime and of course if you need something and I can help, just let me know.
I am afraid to ask about your shade garden as my gardens suffered from too much rain and then high heat and no rain. It has not been one of my better years for flowers or veggies but that is also part of life.
I know how hard it is to feel positive when healing takes so long but that is also part of life. Just know you have been missed and welcome back.

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Hi Kathy & Diene!
Glad to hear from you ladies, even if it isn't all good.

Diene~ I miss you but completely understand where you're coming from. Seems like this past year has been a very bad one for swapping. I'm not sure why, but there it is. I hope things are going well for you otherwise. :O)

Kathy~ I hope you start feeling better soon. Hopefully this has just been a small bump in your recovery. I know you've been missed.

I haven't done nearly as much trading this year as I usually do. Seems like it's been a bad year for everything & EVERYBODY. The gardens are either too wet or too dry, the weeds are taking over (I personally can't find my daylilies! LOL!), everyone's been or getting sick, finances are tight, jobs have been lost, more than a few of us have lost family members or someone close to us........I think there is enough stress to go around.
Such is the thing we call life, huh?

Even so.....We all need a break.

There should be a "FREE CHOCOLATE" day at Godiva's. :O)

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Hi Kathy, I haven't played in MNF in a very long time either. I just came back to the forum in June with the Petal Pushers and have been having lots of fun there! I hope you are mending well. I heard you had surgery but don't know any of the details. How are the kids and hubby doing? School has started here today and it is just my little girl and I at home. I am a little lost without all the noise and hubbub that usually start my morning. LOL.


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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Diene, great to hear from you! It's just not the same without you, but I definitely understand. Perhaps at some point in the future you'll be swapping again and I'll be lucky enough to be paired with you :) Yeah, the flooding rains for about a month solid here, then hard heat, then another couple weeks of flooding did most of the things in my shade gardens in. I was particularly upset at losing the waffle leaved hostas that you'd sent me :( Oddly, my ferns didn't make it either. Perhaps they were still not solidly rooted yet. I'll have to get with you and see if you have more to share this fall.

Melissa, girly, I have missed you! I am hoping that we'll get all this fixed and that I'll start feeling human again rather than like a ball of exposed muscles and nerves! I was hoping that the lack of chatter was mainly due to the usual late summer drop off, but this has gotten really bad. I know everyone's being hit by the job situation as well as the economy. That's part of why I've not been swapping. Cliff and the kids would plant anything I received. But with me not working, money's tight, especially considering my co-pays for doctors and hospitals, prescriptions, etc.

Tracy! Hon, it's is wonderful to see you!! I'll have to look into PP's once things are better for me. I lurk the threads for them and seems like there's a lot of fun there. Kids are doing really well. School is going great for them so far. My daughter is taking virtual high school classes this year, her junior year, and so far is really liking it. The way it's all put together is making me look into the same for the boys. Cliff is going back to college again. He'd started on his Associates last year, then dropped out last semester. It got too difficult to attend to his classwork as well as take care of me, the house, the yards as well as working. And at that time, I was able to do VERY little for myself. So, I'm very happy he's beginning classes again this coming Monday!

Great to hear from you all! Who else is lurking out there??


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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Hi Kat, I have missed seeing you on the threads. I was happy to see your post the other day. I am SO happy that you are on the mend - little by little. I emailed you a while back and didn't get a response. I'm sure it was because your box was so full as you were unable to keep up with it all. Missed ya!
Hi Diene, Good to hear from you too. I understand about the crazy trading year.
Bunny, I hate our birthday group is over. That was the only one I could stay commited to during my whirlwind of a summer!
I've been lurking but only posting to the bday group. My heart has been in other places. I've had sickness in the family this summer and not much time for anything other than caregiving. Hopefully, healing will begin soon and life can even out a little.
As for the mnf group, I haven't been involved with them lately mostly due to being so busy. I'd have nothing to send as my gardens have been neglected too much lately. I think many people are getting involved in the more "regular" groups like PP and OBF.
Anyway, I'm glad you are back Kat and I can't wait till the Fall when I'll hopefully be able to sneak in a trade or two.
One more thing Kat, my double white lady is blooming like crazy right now. Seed pods are beginning so I can send you some more if you want it. The blue you sent me has a lots of vine but no blooms yet. I'm hoping it will explode into bloom soon. It is a beautiful vine! How bout you? Anything blooming from you?

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lindaruzicka(Z6 PA)

Hi everyone!
It's been an odd summer here too, weatherwise and home life. It rained and was cold, I lost all my tomatoes to that nasty rotting on the vine disease. My other gardens did pretty well. My zinnas are beautiful!

My husband is still working through his bi-polar meds adjustment. His mania is getting somewhat better. It will improve with time.

My daughter, Sara, has started college. I didn't think she ever would! We let her vegatate for a year and then the college idea finally appealed to her. She's been going for a week and likes it so far.."crossing fingers and toes"..I toldher whn she graduates, we'll pay her loans. If she doesn't graduate, then she pays..I think that's fair!

We still have her half sister here (Regan and Sara have the same father,my ex-husband)....9 months longer than anticipated. She's going to be moving out Oct 31. Then I'll have the computer/office back and Jeff will be out of my craft room! Since Regan has been sleeping in his office, he's been using my desk...can't find a blessed thing!

I do hope that MNF's gets some more participation. Perhaps with the colder months coming, people will be back in their houses. Also with the way the economy is, maybe we should downsize the boxes? Just a suggestion..."S"

I'm happy to see you back on the board Kat, missed having you around! ((HUG))

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Kathy, that is exciting news about Cliff going back to school next week! I bet he is very happy. Congratulations on your daughter doing so well with the virtual classes and the rest of the kids too. You'll have to tell me more about this. I have heard about online classes for kids but don't really know much about it. There is so much trouble in the Cleveland schools and a lot of parents are looking for good alternatives.

We had a lot of people in PP with garden troubles this year too. There has been so much damage with friends on the east coast with heavy rain, storm damage and then drought in other parts. It has been a banner year for garden trouble.

We've been lucky here so far. June was terribly wet but not bad enought to do any lasting harm. The slugs are a different story though, they have marched through my shade garden and the hosta are looking like swiss cheese.

We decided that August should just be games and chatting and not worry about trading. It has been a lot of fun with silly games and visiting. No pressure to send plants. We've had quite a few new people join the group. It has been very nice getting to know them and see their beautiful plants and craft projects. I can't believe how crafty they all are. I am all thumbs when it comes to that so really get a kick out of seeing all their neat things they make. Smart bunch these girls! Stop on in and visit whenever you like!

Linda, congrats on your daughter starting college! I bet you are ecstatic. I'm sure she will enjoy it the whole time and do great!

Nik, nice to see you. I hope things start to improve for you soon.

Hi Bunny and Miss Diene! I hope you both have been doing well.

Hugs to all!


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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Nikki!!! Sweetie, I have been missing you! I didn't see that email, I'm so sorry!!! I would have definitely replied! for a while after my surgery, for the most part, emails were being read to me and someone else typing. That may be why it was missed. I've not gotten blooms on my blue yet either. I was thinking it was just mine! It has made a mass of vines though, so like you I'm really hoping to see it burst with blooms soon! I would love to have more seed for the White Lady. That was one of the plants I lost :( I'm sorry to hear that so much has been happening with you, hon. I'm keeping you in my prayers and hope that soon you'll be bouncing among us soon!

Linda, so much good news from you! I'm so happy that the new meds are working! I know what a relief that is! And your baby off to college! I'm really glad she's liking it! More than fair to have her pay the loans if she doesn't graduate! Wish I'd had that deal :) It's really wonderful that you still have a good relationship with Regan! I believe that once we have a connection to a child, it should be that way :) regardless of what adults do. I am sure that you've been a wonderful influence for her and a great support. But all the same, it will be really great to get your space back! LOL!

Tracy, the virtual high school is rather interesting. It works pretty much on the same premise that Cliff's college classes do. Attendance and participation are monitored through postings and they log the amount of time you are spending in the class or course page, etc. She's really enjoying it. And you want to know the best part? It's part of the public school system and so does not cost us anything! All her books are provided. She needs just a few supplies. Cliff's classes are the same way for college. And my second to oldest son, Jarret, is also attending the same online college Cliff is. He's taking courses for a teaching certificate :) There are many online schools that are considered public schools for k-12. One is That one is pretty much nationwide, I believe. You could check their site. You can also check your local school board's website and see if it's offered in your area. Tiffy's is part of the Oklahoma public schools system. We had to fill out transfer papers just as though she would be actually moving to another physical campus.

I have had my eye on the PP group for a while. One of the members, I'd have to check my records, sent me a box of brunnea and ginger right around the date of my surgery. Cliff and the boys planted it out for me. Unfortunately it was in the lost plants after the flooding and heat. It just wasn't established enough to handle all of that.

I am working on some plans to hopefully draw some of our established members back to the MNF. I really don't want to see Diene's vision for that group die out. It is a very special group to me because of the welcoming atmosphere. Linda, downsizing the boxes might work. If anyone wanted to send a larger box, they could, of course, but I would think using the $10.35 flat rate box would probably work for most people. There has also been a suggestion made by a member to do something special for our established members, both those still with us as well as those who have moved away from the MNF. It might be a fun idea and if any of the established members are interested, they can email me for info. I already have several ideas that might make it a lot of fun :)

LOL, well, for better or worse, I'm back! I may not be able to sit for long stretches or actually be out in my gardens working as before, but I can plan and brainstorm my aching backside off! :) My gardens are not only my passion, but my comfort and sometimes simply my sanity. Times are troubled right now, and everyone is going through so much both with illnesses and with finances, I think we could all use the comfort that at least thinking about our gardens will bring at least a few moments relief. There are some suggestions on the current swap thread, or perhaps we could just see about sending a few cards, with or without seeds, to our buddies. Bring a smile to them :) I know that always allows me to set my troubles and worries aside for a few minutes, at least and that I'm better able to handle everything for a while afterwards :)

I still wanna hear from other MNF members, present, past and hopefully those that are interested in the group!

Come out, come out whereever you are!!!


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Hello All!!!

I'm still lurking. Don't do a whole lot of trading. Hubby is now disabled and $ is tight!!!We are in last days of foreclosure on our house.Everything should be finished by Nov 1. Renting a smaller home close to the kids school.Lots of my plants are sitting in pots. When you pull into the drive of the house we're renting,it looks like a nursery.Should offer them for postage I guess.

Still haven't made the move to Oregon.Stuck in stinking HOT GA. The job transfer never came through. Now with his health issue,we just keep our fingers crossed & pray that he can get SSI or Disabilty. Hopefully then we can make it out west.

Taylor is in 4th grade now. Still one of the top readers!

Brett in 1st grade already. We are still shocked that there are NO bad behavior reports coming home. All his teachers say he is sooo quite & good.True case of Dr Jeckel/Mr Hyde!!

Brooke just turned 3 & seems lost now that the other 2 are back in school.She has FINALLY started talking.

Hope everyone recovers from all the medical issues!All thoughts & prayers are welcomed for us!!

later...(a very tired & stressed)April/dirt_under_my_nails

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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Hi April!! So good to see you! I'm sorry things aren't going well L( I'm trying to get SS Disability too and it's really a PITA! Makes one feel like a liar and a thief the way they keep calling to ask the SAME few questions over and over and OVER! And they keep saying that their doctor that's reviewing my case has mentioned that several things aren't 'normal' as far as my healing from the surgery. Ya think? Perhaps that's why I applied? That things aren't going 'normally'? GAH! Our money, and it's sure not going to be there when I retire, but I can't get approved for a year while I recover from this. No, how about I go back to work and cause myself more complications and end up totally and permanently screwed up! Nevermind that I can't sit, stand, lay, or walk for more than 20-30 minutes at a time. Really burns me that people can literally, I actually know someone who did this, pretend and do a good job at pretending, to be severely depressed and get the help. Now let's keep in mind, I knew this person well. She was NOT depressed. But she convinced them that she was so depressed that she couldn't leave her house. She sat happily at home for three years shopping and acting as though she was a Hollywood wife until someone blew the whistle on her because she was also working under the table. The recovery she made was a miracle! Amazing how someone who was so depressed could leave her house to work in the daycare she had her children in, again with government assistance! No, wasn't me. I had already disassociated myself from this person before she received her award.

I can't even clean my house or cook and you'd better bet I'm depressed. But I'm having to fight. If they would just go ahead and deny me I could at least get a lawyer to fight the appeal! Can't even do that until they deny it the first time! Hell, I won't need it anymore by the time it comes through! I'll be able to go back to work and take care of my family by then!

LOL, sorry for the rant. Just really rips me that those with real problems can't get the assistance that we pay for, but those who PLAY the martyr get it immediately and with no hassle!

So glad the kids are doing so well! About time she started talking, but you know, Tiffy was the same way until the older boys went to school!I bet she'll really start enjoying all the special Mom time she has!

Keeping you in my prayers!


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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Very happy to have heard from the MNF members that have responded, now, WHERE ARE THE REST OF YOU?!?!

Really missing old friends and wanting to catch up with everyone!!!


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alwaysagarden(CA 9b)

Hey Kathy,
I saw the thread you started and even though I'm not a member of the MNF group thought I would drop a line to say hi. Things have been real slow in my garden this year as well. Thought I would have a ton of seeds to trade with but not this year. Tomatoes were a total bust... 5 plants and not one tomato! ugh. Finances are tight just like everyone else's, lost my job few months back. I'm single so the little I get from the government is just barely enough to keep me afloat. I love OBF but haven't done any trading with the group since May. I can't afford the postage. I still do a few seed trades though.
Gosh Kathy, I can hear the frustration in your posts regarding SS Disability and how they are giving you the run around. I had a roommate 5 years ago that recieved $1,100.00 every month. What was wrong with her...?... I had no clue. She did everything a normal person did, except get a darned job! She also had other benefits too. She was proud to tell everyone about it, but would always change the subject when asked why she recieved them or what disability she had. I had been looking for an apartment of my own when I found out there really was nothing wrong with her and soon moved. I hope one day someone blows the whistle on her too! I'd rather live in my car than have another roommate.
Hang in there Kathy... you have friends here. : )


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jaleeisa(6b Oklahoma)

Hi Cindy!! Great to see you, MNF member or not! I just wanted to catch up with everyone!

Yeah, I really have issues with SS/SSI right now. It's really sad that honest people needing what we play in can't receive it, but the charlatans can very easily. Perhaps it's that the ones honestly disabled and deserving of it are less willing to out on a show. I'm a proud person and having to apply for that and admit disability really grated on me. I have never seen myself as disabled. I have always seen myself as someone with a medical problem who has to do things a certain way. I've already not been able to work since January, the surgery was in May. We exhausted every other treatment. It was down to "just live with it", which I could no longer do, or have the surgery. Now I keep having complications with a surgery that went "perfectly". Now don't get me wrong, I am not faulting my surgeon. He's done a wonderful job and is continuing to take excellent and immediate care of me. But the fact still remains that I cannot even completely dress myself- still have to have someone else put socks and shoes on me- still cannot get into and out of the shower by myself. Still cannot preform my household chores, let alone do garden or yardwork. Can't stand for more than 20 minutes or so at a time. Same goes for sitting. Can't sleep through the night. I try to go right back to sleep, but it doesn't work. Instead of being on the computer or watching tv- which are not real conductive to going back to sleep- I've been reading.

Beh... there I go, on a rant again. Just gets to me because I cannot do those simple, everyday things. I've tried. To the point that my family watches me very closely. Every time I attempt it, I end up taking more pills that don't help much, back in bed twisted with muscle spasms and bone deep pain. So it doesn't look like this is going to be resolved any time in the next few weeks or even couple months. But they are still holding determination. They know something is going major wrong, or they would have already denied my claim. I almost wish they would. At least then I could get a lawyer to fight the appeal. But most lawyers won't take the case until you've been denied the first time and have plenty of supporting documents as well as can demonstrate the physical disability. I've got everything except the first denial. I really have started wondering how those who scam do it. I doubt I would be able to act well enough to pull it off, but it does make you wonder.

Have a happy Sunday all!!


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Hi Kathy!! It's been several months since I played with the MNF buddies, but I'm very glad that you're back!! I'm so sorry your recovery hasn't been going smoothly :0( and it really stinks when the SSI is giving you the runaround when it's needed the most!! You have every right to be upset about it all! It's just so unfair when someone can 'pretend' to be disabled and get anything they want and someone who really needs it has to jump through so many obstacles. I know several people that are just too lazy to work but they get help, but the people that work and deserve always get an excuse why they can't get the help that they need. It just makes me soooooooo mad to see this things happen!! But isn't that the way things work!

I haven't kept up the the RR forums since June. This year has truly been something. My sister-in-law was killed in June and it's still hard to accept that she's not here anymore. Now we're trying to fight for custody of my 4 year old nephew and it's going to be an uphill battle for us.

Also my 5 year old started kindergarten and my 10 year old middle school. It's exciting and at the same time I feel weird. I'm a stay at home mom so I've always had one of the kids home with me, but now I guess I have to get used to being alone during the day.

I'll stop rambling now.... Nikki, Linda, April, Bunny and everyone else it's nice to hear from all of you guys. I'm not much of a poster, but I'm around quite a bit. I hope things get better for you April and Cindy, just hang in there!! Congrats on all the college bound kids and thanks for the info on the online school...I'm going to check into that for my kids.

Talk to you all later :0)


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nikkineel(GA 8/7b)

Monica, So good to hear from you!!! I am so sorry about your SIL. I have not been around lately either because my sis was diagnosed with cancer around the first of June and life has been a blur since then. I just returned from spending the week with her when I had a surprise. Kathy, you know the vine I was telling you about that was LOTS of vine and no bloom, the one I "thought" was the double blue that you sent? Well when I returned home I found that it finally bloomed and guess what? It wasn't the double blue but the vigna caricalla (snail vine). I think you sent me that one too. When I wintersowed them, I must've gotten the labels mixed up but it was such a wonderful surprise! I still can't believe it's out there with all the "little" snails taking shape. I LOVE it! Anyone know how I can root it and keep it over the winter?
This thread is like a blast from the past! So good to hear from each of you!
I would have loved to participate in the hugs and healing swap - Lord knows I could use some of both. I just can't add anything else to my plate right now. For every thing a season I suppose. I really miss the frequent interaction with all the folks on gw. It is therapy just to check in and read all the goings on even when I can't participate.
Hope everyone's gardens are providing special surprises each day! Nik

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amelia_pepper_lady(8B/9 LA)

Just came back to check for new RR's. I've only participated in 2 of the MNF RR's but really enjoyed it.

I missed out on the September. Hoping to catch October. That is, if I have anything to provide. It's been a rough summer for my plants.

No rain in June. Took a trip in July and son forgot to water my plants while I was gone. Three minor surgeries and one hospital stay in August. (Husband and son forgot to water the plants.) Just now able to work with my plants again. Most survived but I did lose a lot.

Reading through the postings, it looks like this has not been the best of years for everyone. My heart goes out to those of you ill, injured, or suffering the loss of a loved one.

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Nikki! That's a GREAT surprise!! :) I ordered the snail vine from Park's one year and waited til summer was almost over before it finally bloomed and sadly it was the 'other' snail vine that isn't the corkscrew flowers! I did have a blue butterfly pea vine that just finally bloomed this week which was a nice surprise. I would think you could cut it back to the point there's just a few leaves or perhaps make a cutting and use the rooting hormone, and treat it like a houseplant. Just keep it warm! They do NOT like cold.

Hi Monica! :) My 'baby' started mid school this year and it's sooo hard to know she's already so grown up! I keep telling her to stop growing cuz she has to stay lil just a bit (doesn't work tho..)

hugs to you all!
~Wendy / sassyb...

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Frances Coffill(7b)

It has been a long time since I participated in MNF, but the were there for me when I first joined GW and I made many friends here!

Best wishes to yuo Kathy and Nikki and Diene and everyone else!!!

Life is challenging as always! Gardening is salve fot the challenges! Be well, bask in the sun, love the earth!


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