See the effects of vermicompost in agriculture

gerris2April 13, 2014

Witnessed in this video - a good use of 19.5 minutes. In native language but video has English subtitles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grow Green (using Vermicompost)

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Thank you for calling this to our attention.
It would be useful to learn some details:
It looks like cow dung and straw, rice straw ?
are the bedding & food. So this is comparable to our using horse manure.
How much worms to how much dung/straw for how long before they screen to finished ? I think it is warmer there than where I am .
Notice how heavy is the clay !
Would you speculate that the fiber digested by both the cows and the worms will eventually make the land less sticky ?
How much compost is applied to each area ?
One picture is a suggestion . . . looks like not too much.
Maund translates to a pound ? or aboyut 37 kg ?
What are the water sources ?

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I "liked" this in general. There was a little political spin, but there was also enough video to figure out how to qualify the spin.

TO ME: "Making soil" is more important than production. Of course I understand that to people whose very life depends on the volume produced place a different value on production.

The language associated with the side-by-side comparison (left hand/right hand) of the rice plants was noteworthy to me. It illustrated the political spin. While the left (vermicomposted) handful was certainly greener, the right (chemical fertilizer)was clearly LARGER. While the left (VC) was green from root to tip, the right (CF) was yellow at the tip. HOWEVER, we do not get to see the difference in PRODUCTION.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not "saying" ANYTHING other than stating what can be observed. I believe that "making soil" at the expense of A LITTLE production is still "positive". But green from base to tip is only visually "better" than a plant that is bigger.


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Very interesting enjoyed it immensely , glad it had english subs. Cow dung seems to be ok to use . Too bad they have to fight off rats and muskrats from the worms. Thanks for posting this.

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Thanks for your comments.

I thought it was good the farmers were able to use vermicompost as a way to break free of the use of expensive chemical fertilizers. It was good the women were able to make the vermicompost, in such quantities that they could sell it and make good profit so they could buy more land for their farms.

I need to watch it more because the English subtitles sometimes go off screen very fast and I miss the information.

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Yes while watching I found myself pausing the vid so I could read the captions at my leisure.

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