Those Rain Worms

equinoxequinoxApril 21, 2014

Are they the kind we want?

Would they live if I saved them?

There are so many I want to save every worm from every sidewalk in every rain in the world.

My guess is they are simply attempting to use the weather to get to the next tasty pile.

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I pick them up too.
My speculation is that they rise with the water table and
can't see the shore.
I think each worm's life is worth more than mine.

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I think they come to the surface when it rains because they get tired of crawling around in the dirt all day and just want to have a nice shower.

The One Worm Foundation.

Save a Worm, Save a Soul.

I Worm, Therefore I am.


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Worms are taught from a young age that only two things can happen when it rains......drowning, or being lowered into water attached to a hook awaiting either drowning or being eaten by a fish before drowning.

Water brings the fight or flight emotion rushing in and the worm opts for the flight response because worms are ill-equipped for the fight aspect what with limited defensive resources.


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I was so lost. I thought it brought on the "I need new poop and I need it now!" response. Now I know there are all these other options.

I do not pick the worms up. That would involve touching them. I do however step gingerly around them. If they were too thick I would call a national holiday and nobody would have to go to work.

Funny thing. Watching two worms. One was head strong and determined headed north. The other was spritely and spirited and headed south with gumption and enthusiasm. Was one wrong or both? Each was exiting fro where it had been and racing with joy towards where the other had been. Tell me this is not a metaphor for the human condition.

All I know I learned from watching my worm bin.

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True once you become a wormer many thoughts appear when it rains and lots of worms are above ground. I guess one thought is most are not the right kind of worm for our worm bin and another thought plenty of easy food for the robin and his family. So Im thinking "save a worm kill a bird".

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Well I guess it depends upon which forum one is on.

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As I understand it, rain is an opportunity for burrowing worms to crawl on the surface and do a meet and greet. Can you hear the faint sounds of Barry White singing in the background?

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