Bermuda seed in a yard full of weeds?

msroseFebruary 27, 2011

I had so many weeds in my yard last year (1st summer in my house) that I decided I would put a pre-emergent down this year. I was reading online and read some where that mid-March is the best time. Well, I walked out into my backyard this morning and it's already full of weeds, so I think it may be too late. I'm wondering if it's possible to eventually have a lush backyard without resodding. I currently have about half weeds and half Bermuda. Can I put down a weed killer and then some Bermuda seed? I saw some Bermuda seed at Lowes the other day and it's more expensive than I thought, but certainly cheaper than having my yard sodded since I would hire someone to do that.


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pkvir(z7b DFW TX)

If you kill the weeds, the bermuda will start to take over. Don't buy weed and feed, buy a liquid weed killer with 24-d in it. Spray your yard now, then spay it again in a couple of weeks, then one more time first part of April. End of april put some fertilizer down, continue to water and cut you grass weekly.

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Do you know of a particular brand offhand that's liquid and has 24-d? Does the liquid work better than the granules in the weed and feed?

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pkvir(z7b DFW TX)

Most brands will have 24-d in them, just check the label. IMO, the liquid concentrate is much better then the weed and feed for a few reasons.

1. Cheaper
2. I like to get rid of the weeds before I feed them.
3. In my experience, more effective.
4. Did I mention cheaper?

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lou_midlothian_tx(z8 DFW, Tx)

Bermuda won't thrive if there's not enough sun. If you like bermuda but is too shady, You'd have to spend $$$ to get shade tolerant TifGrand bermuda that just came on the market this year. Supposedly much better shade tolerance than any other bermuda cultivars.

Find nearest Lesco/Deere Landscape store for fertilizer, etc. You will save a lot of money there.

Bermuda needs quite bit of fertilizer to stay thick and lush along with deep watering every 7-21 days depending on weather. Deep watering means one inch of water which is 600 gallons of water per 1000 sqft to throughly saturate ground 6-8 inches deep. It's a lot more water than you think.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

All the several brands of broad leaf weed killers that I looked at while at Lowes today contain 24-d. It will kill the broad leaf weeds, but not the grassy weeds like 'winter grass'. That you have to pull before it goes to seed. Winter grass will die with hot weather, but keeps coming back every winter if there are seeds. You can spray the lawn pretty easily with a 24-d product using a pump up sprayer. Just do it when NO WIND is blowing so it doesn't drift onto your shrubs or roses. Amazing how as soon as March arrives the winds start. Happy gardening!

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