Sprouting Seeds-Mango, lychee, longan, Rambutan Etc

kobe24December 7, 2010

Does anybody know any fast and efficent ways to sprout seeds, especially mango seeds, i've seen many methods online, and they all seem to take forevery or fail epically.

I have successfully sprouted many lychee seeds by first putting them int a wet tampon for a week and after putting them into a wet plastic ziploc bag next to a window

Mango seeds are a utter disater for me, whenever i put them into a plastic bag and next to a window they take forver to germinate or become brown colored inside the bag and break, i also tried making a mini plastic greenhouse for mango seeds, but the soil most of the time develops some fungus or something because the plastic bag always covers the container

Any help on fast effiecent ways to sprouting seeds, and one last thing ive had papaya seeds in a container with a plastic bag over it for 2 weeks and they havnt sprouted, anytuhing wrong?


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Hello kobe24,
I sprouted some more Hawaiian papayas about a month ago. 2 of them died so far, but the others look healthy. I didn't do anything special with them, other than full sun, water & nutrients. I planted 1 seed per gallon container.
In regards to mango seeds- just to make sure, are you removing the embryo(s) from the husk? If not, take the husk and carefully cut it open and remove the embryo(s). Be careful not to harm the embryo(s). I plant it horizontally in a container and it should sprout in no time. Warm weather is best, full sun.
Hope you have better luck on your next attempt!

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I agree with Rodney. I do the same when I germinate mango seeds. I germinated 3 champagne mango seeds last summer. I did the same by removing the husk first and then put them into a damp paper towel and then put that into a plastic bag. I put that on a window sill and they sprouted within a week.

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for me, mango seeds get put outside during rainy season and usually sprout just about the time they are forgotten about. works everytime. smaller seeds i usually just pot them up on a windowsill and put a plastic dome over them like a cut top of a soda bottle. i read alot about people also germinating seeds in paper towels.

the tampon method is a new one to me.

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I've sprouted them by removing the husk and as much of the papery covering as would easily come off. (It seemed to me that when the papery covering was difficult to remove that the seeds were less likely to sprout.) Then I wet a paper towel and wrung out as much water as I could, wrapped the seed in the towel, placed it in a zip lock baggie and placed the baggie on the refrigerator. The refrigerator is slightly warmer than the rest of the room and maintains a constant temperature. I checked every few days and potted up the seed when the root was 2-4" long (about 2" is probably better because the root twisted and turned as the seed orientation changed every time I checked the seed). I put the potted up seed in an inverted sweater box with about 1/2 inch opening (maintained by a milk bottle cap). The sweater box was kept on a shelf under the florescent lights that are over my washer and dryer. The lights were kept on a 15 hour (out of 24 hours) light cycle maintained by an automatic timer. And yes, I have lost some to mold but it is worth it. Hope this helps.


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I threw all of my mango, rambutan, lychee, longan and papaya seeds into one of my veggie garden beds that had room. As they sprouted I would move to containers. I pretty much became overloaded with seedlings after a month or so of waiting.

In the past I had done some of the above methods as well as simply planting the seeds directly into containers, but I found I was very impatient when doing that. When I am starting it inside the house or in a container, i end up checking it every day which starts driving me crazy. When I simply put them directly into to the garden bed, I was able to simply forget about it until sprouts started coming up.

Some quick notes on the seedlings mentioned though.
*Mango - remove husks, this seems to speed things up as well as helps with some seed rotting issues.

* The rambutan, lychee and longan seedlings need to be planted, or soaked in water very shortly after eating. If it's been more then a few days, the chances of them sprouting diminish greatly.

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I live in Southern California. I have sprouted a number of mango seeds, by placing them in water a few day, or directly into dirt. I find that adding a little fertilizer to the water (just a drop) helps them sprout. Its IMPORTANT that you get a mango grown in the U.S. if you want it to sprout.All others imported into the U.S. except for most of the mangoes from Mexico (and that is changing) are radiated, heated or pastuerized to kill fruit flies. Therefore, the seed is inactivated and will not germinate.

Have fun.

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