Eagle Eyes

equinoxequinoxApril 3, 2010

Massive flooding in the area combined with near record temperatures brought us on a family walk to an area a few inches above the flood, or maybe yesterday the area was actually underwater. Looking down at a bare patch of dirt in the grass I spied a worm egg right in the center. It was bigger than my red wigglers. The area at night is probably is a nightcrawler bonanza. The flood somehow had the egg at the surface, or maybe the 3 inch patch of dirt in the grass was the filled in burrow of a nightcrawler.

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I guess you DO have eagle eyes!! LOL I went out and looked to see how much worm cast piles are in the lawn and was pleasantly surprised. But never would have noticed an egg.

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With the 7/24 electronic news media so hungry for 'news', how about puting your MYSTERY WORM EGG online? The pathos of a 'mother/father' worm throwing its egg out of the way of the flood. It will be a sensation![not to mention your own heroic part in the rescue] You've no doubt seen the video of Molly the mother owl,hatching her eggs. It was on the front page of our newspaper and every TV news program. http://www.ustream.tv/theowlbox

Here is a link that might be useful: Molly the mother owl

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