Waiter, There is a Worm on My Coaster!

equinoxequinoxApril 19, 2013

In lieu of tablecloths and cloth napkins restaurants seem flooded with coasters advertising beer even to their 3 year old patrons. If your party is the type to dribble a few drops of fine wine onto their coasters or even if not, it is not as if they can use the same coasters for the next party, Linger a bit and slip your table's worth into your pocket. If there was a brown in the running for favorite worm food opposite the green of watermelon pumpkin than coasters would be your lucky pick. .

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Coasters sound cool, but as a verified lover of voracious consumption of beers, my discretionary budget spending limits precludes that means of gathering browns.

Bedsides, my worms love, and are addicted to, the consumption of corrugated cardboard and the glue that causes it to be corrugated.


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See! The forum is funner with chuckiebtoo!

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Chuckiebtoo, do you shred your corrugated cardboard, or just toss it on top as protective bedding?

My aunts are natural composters, themselves. At wedding receptions, they used to sulk near the buffet line and shove food into baggies they hid in their overly large purses. I'd like to think the only weddings they did that at were ones they were invited to.

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I've used corrugated cardboard all ways: shredded, unshredded, and......that's it, I guess.

Sometimes just use a small corrugated cardboard box AS a worm bin inserted into a regular bin and let them eat themselves out of house and home.

I use a lot of clear plastic shoebox-sized plastic totes (more on that later) and line them with corrugated c'board to block out light.


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Yes, please. I think that would be a perfect bin size for little kids to be 'in charge of.' There seems to be interest in the shoe tote bin... Could you maybe elaborate more on it in its own thread?
-how many worms to start
-stackables for moving up, perhaps?
- directions on what type of shoes should be stored in there

Oh, drat it all, I'll start it, and you can be the hero and answer me. How's that?

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