Colander Feeding

equinoxequinoxApril 19, 2013

Unique feeding method where the food is not incorporated into the bedding.
Not a great video but unique information and viewpoint none the less.

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Verrryyy interestink.....

Every time I see a new technique, it only confirms what I find over and over.....that it's just about impossible to not be successful with the worms no matter how simply or complex you do it.

There are four ways to fail....all involving too.

Too much heat. Too much cold. Too much water. Too much lack of water. Kinda like humans. Exactly like humans actually. They like the temps to be what we like. Not too moist (humid). Not too arid.

Moderation is the most important word in a wormers' vocabulary.

All the fancy stuff and elaborate dos and don'ts are detrimental to getting people enthused about worming. KISS (Keep it simple stupid) is bliss.


BTW: Ever hear "don't put tea bags into the bin with the staples attached"? When I go thru a bin, the uneaten staples are all there. Not even chewed on.

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Personally I dry my tea bags, then tap them to get all the leaves into one corner. Then about 1/2 inch below the staple I grasp the bag firmly in an index and pointer finger pincer grip. Then I tear off about 1/2 inch of the tea bag with my teeth. Chewing optional. This is also how I get my daily recommended allowance of stainless steal.

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gvozdika(8 OR)

Boy, I bet that stinks! Good, if you can keep that barrel far away.
By the way, those metal staples on the tea bags are not steel. I suspect they are aluminum, so I keep them away from my compost and don't even let them touch my tea water :) But I stick rusty nails, etc in soil :)

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