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chufferApril 15, 2008

Ok I've had my stackable worm bin about 4 weeks now, I only have the bottom bin and one other at the moment, I have a soil thermometer and a ph meter in the bin and temp etc are all fine. I started feeding the worms about 2 weeks ago after their feed stuff that came with them ran out. I have a bin in the kitchen which gets veg, fruit, tea bags, egg shells etc and when it's full I put it through the blender and it makes a nice moist paste like substance. I was just wondering though if I'm maybe cutting the food up too much? Should I just cut it up into small pieces with a knife and put into the bin this way?



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I myself am new at this but I think it's up to you how you choose to feed them. Like you mentioned, some do blend their food scraps, others just cut it in small pieces so it will break down quickly.

It depends on how quickly you want them to get to that food and process it. When it's smaller it breaks down faster so they eat it faster.

I myself don't want to take the time to blend the food and then have to clean the blender (if you do blend don't add any liquids as the food scraps contain enough water themselves). I have just been cutting some of the bigger pieces down, and things like lettuce I give a good squeeze if it's still pretty crisp to break it down faster. I just like to be sure I have some things that are really ready to process & that others are fresher and will be ready when the others are gone. My bedding in my bin is also starting to break down and they have started working on that as well, so now if I don't get them just enough food the bedding will feed them too.

I had thoughts too of doing the slurry thing, but after reading hear and finding out some have had trouble with it clumping up in the bedding, etc. plus the extra work involved ..no thanks.

Have fun!

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I used to food process my worm food into a slurry. I would pour it in to the bin and all was fine. Then, one day, I opened the bin to see how everyone was doing. I gave a quick stir of the compost with my hand and racked through one of the piles of slurry. It was FILLED with mold. It was dry and powdery and terrible. Since then, I have not food processed their food. It does take a lot of extra work and really not needed. You can continue to make the "smoothie" (as an earlier poster called it), but when you add, be sure to mix it all in the compost so there aren't any pockets of goo.

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