Securing ladder in ground for trellis

crystalshoe(6)February 24, 2011

Hi All,

I am going to try to use 2 old rickety wooden ladders as trellises for my cucumbers and squash this year. When open, the ladders are about 6' and 8' tall. Our area has occasional bouts of really strong winds, but not steady wind all the time. I want to protect the ladders from falling over, but I don't want to permanently install them (so cementing in the ground is not an option.) I know their are easier ways to make a trellis, but I want to use the ladders, since they are free and not good for anything else. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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Check with the "Call before you Dig company" then drive four sticks of 1-2"diameter X 30-36" pipe in the ground, leaving enough pipe out of the ground to fit just under the bottom step on the ladder & just inside of leg of the ladder.
You can tie the leg to the pipe with wire or use a "U" clamp to clamp the pipe to the ladder.
You can get the "U" at hardware or big box store.
You will need to take the pipe with you to fit the clamp.
You will have to drill holes in the ladder leg to bolt it to the pipe.

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great ideas to secure the ladder. I'll have to use them. I have an old ladder in the garage. Suppose I could find a second one at a garage sale. Thanks!

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