How to build a "Home build worm bin"

worm_composting_helpApril 14, 2013

Below I will show you detailed instructions that will help you to build great 3 tier homemade worm compost bin.

You will see a picture of it attached!

If you want to see the instructions with all the helpful photos than have a look at the website below.

Building a homemade worm compost bin is not a difficult task.

On this page you will learn how to build a 3 tier worm composting bin!

Follow the guide below and build your homemade worm compost bin today!

To get started you will need the following tools and accessories:

÷ Power drill

÷ Hole saw set

÷ Drill bit 6 mm / 0.23 inches

÷ Jigsaw or strong scissors (optional)

÷ 3 stack-able plastic bins of the same size

÷ 1 lid or / plastic sheet

÷ 1 tap or cork


÷Start with the 2 bins that will house the worms.

Drill plenty of holes of about 6mm / 0.23 inch into the bottom of two bins.

The holes should be about 5 cm / 1.96 inches apart from each other.

These holes are important to prevent the worm bin from becoming flooded.

The worms need oxygen to survive and could drown!

Next drill a hole for your tap into the front side of the 3 rd

bin. If you canâÂÂt get hold of a tap use a cork of a wine bottle instead.

Make sure the hole saw bit or drill bit you use will be just a tiny bit bigger than the diameter of your tap that you want to attach to the bin.

Drill the hole for the tap as low on the wall of the worm bin as you can, but leave enough space so you can fasten the nut of the tap inside the bin to ensure a tight fit.

÷Next attach the tap to the bottom bin.

Now you will need a lid for your worm farm. If your bins came with a fitting lid thatâÂÂs great. If not youâÂÂll have to make one yourself.

Get a plastic sheet that is the same size as the surface of your bins or slightly bigger.

The sheet should be 3 to 5mm / 0.11 to 0.19 inches thick.

Like the one in the photo below.

Place one of the bins upside down on top of the plastic sheet .

Mark the lid with a pen or pencil to show the edges of the bin.

Saw the marked edges of with a jigsaw or cut them off with a strong pair of scissors.

÷Assemble the bin and you are ready to start your worm composting project!

Most worm bins will stand outside. If you want to use

your worm bin outdoors place a small flower pot on top of the lid to keep it in place in case of wind! Your worm farm should not stand in full sun as this might cause a serious problem for your worms on a very hot day.

Good places to place your worm bin are in shaded areas. Under a tree, in the garage or in a shed in the backyard.

Enjoy your worm bin

Kind regards ...

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I'm posting to this incredibly detailed and delightfully explicit instruction tome mainly to get it off the top of the list, but also to offer my congrats to worm-composting-help for his perserverance in writing it, and to those on the forum who have completed the instructions so far.


I'm just funning folks, sorta, I know written instructions seem more cumbersome.

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What these instructions neglect to say is that the stackable bins don't seem to be space savers... Unless I'm missing something... There seems to be handy dandy supports along the sides to keep them from crushing the contents of the one below it. I know the stores by me don't have these containers.

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It isn't neccesary to use the exact containers pictured. Any type of tote can be used (like Rubbermaid). As for crushing the contents below, I use two bricks laid flat on the bottom tote to make sure the tote above it isn't sitting in liquid. And when you start with the third tote (the link Stephan provided explains how to use the 3 tote system) the contents still in the second tote holds the third tote up. What I wrote probably left you even more confused (LOL) but if you check out the link you should be able to understand.

    Bookmark   May 22, 2013 at 11:07PM
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