Agro-Towers, vertical container gardening

maineman(z5a ME)February 2, 2007

Hi All,

I just came across the Agro-Towers stackable vertical container system. They are rather "pricey" but they look like they could be effective. I'm not into container gardening myself, or I would give these a try despite their high prices and shipping costs.


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Those are a bit pricey, but they did get me thinking about how I could maybe fabricate something. Would also be interested in hearing from someone outside of CA - colder climate, that is - to see how the strawberries stand up over the winter months.

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I was reading and just posted to another thread about something called "the dark garden", a homemade vertical-type scenario. The creator's user name on this site is georgeiii. Scroll to some of the most recent posts to have it presented a bit clearer, the first few posts are a bit confusing, but georgeiii added numerous pics toward the bottom of the thread and another poster named grvtykllr cleared up the explanation pretty well.

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Anyone interested in this kind of rig need to visit the folks at Verti-Gro. They've been here in biz in florida for eons and are very nice folks to do business with. Also way cheaper. 20 planters for $80 vs 6 for $70 of the Agro-Towers. You can buy all the rest of the pieces and parts at your Blue or Orange Box Store hell.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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