Reflecting sunlight onto veggies

jonnys(9 Orlando Fl)February 13, 2009

Im starting my seeds in a sort of vertical garden in my back yard, along with continuing my garden in a raised bed. My concern is that the back side of the vertical garden isn't receiving enough light. I am rotating the entire structure as it is on a sort of metal pole, though ideally I would like to know if something can be used to reflect light to the back side, so that as I turn the garden, all seedlings are receiving some light. Would this be possible, and if so, what sorts of materials would be best for outdoor use? - Jonny

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I'm not sure I have a good understanding of what you're planning, but mirrors or foil-covered boards would reflect sunlight, as would any glossy-painted white surface to a lesser degree. Good luck, sounds like an innovative idea.

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