anewgardenApril 9, 2009

Hello ! Hope someone can help me.

I have an indoor bin that is doing well. I've had it close to two months. I keep it fed minimally at the moment, I am sure it is not too wet.

I saw for the first time last night tiny itty-bitty insects that look like miniature earwigs. Perhaps they are infant earwigs?

Are they a problem? Will they come out and infest my kitchen?

I would like to keep an indoor bin in the winter months to be able to supply my outdoor bin with worms each spring. But if it draws creatures that are going to be annoying to share my kitchen with I may have to give up on the idea. I live in a small house in the city, no garage, the basement is bedrooms.

Any ideas about these possible earwigs?

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shermthewerm(8 PNW)

Take a look at this link:
Kelly: An ounce of prevention...& microscopic crabs?

Do they look like that?

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Thanks for responding shrem-was there a link or a picture? If so I didn't see it.

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shermthewerm(8 PNW)

Sorry! What I meant to say was:
Do a search on this forum for that post. Type in "Kelly: An ounce of prevention...& microscopic crabs?"

There was a discussion about these little tiny creatures in a worm bin called pseudoscorpions with a picture, too.

Let me know if I was more clear this time & if you were able to find this post, and if this is what you have.

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Thanks so much! That was a great picture! But no my
little bugs are nothing like that!

Much less interesting! I haven't seen anymore of them, so I'm not too worried

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My worm bin has worms AND little white springtail creatures, which from what I've read, are a part of the process. They work over the food, and the bedding, and help to break it down to what the worms feed off of (?). Are these what your baby earwigs resemble?

They are my indicator if the worm bin is in need of more food. No food,and they are all over the surface of the bedding and the ceiling of the rubbermaid lid. With food present they are still present, but not in the maniac numbers I see as when there is no food (and this I know 'cause I always check the last feed spot, and yep, it'll be full of castings and worms that all seem to look up at me as if to ask, 'more food please'.


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