help with nylon netting please! what kind to use?

kawaiineko_gardener(5a)February 6, 2010

I don't plan to do vertical gardening; I'll be growing

veggies via container gardening.

I'll be growing sugar snap peas that are a bush type. However even though they're a bush type, they'll still require something to climb up, and some kind of supports for

the netting.

I plan to use nylon netting because I heard it's sturdy, will last a long time, and can hold a ton of weight.

Now I've heard there are two kinds; the first is nylon fish netting that is thinner and clear in color. The second kind

is thicker (it sort of looks like rope, just thinner, but thicker than the fish netting). My question is what kind would be best suited for what I'm using to grow with it?

I might also use this netting for butternut squash and watermelons, if it's required. However the butternut squash

and melons I'll be growing are both compact bush varieties

that have shorter vines; I've also been told they don't require hills or something to climb up on since they're being grown in containers and are bush types.

Here are the two links for the nylon netting I'm debating getting. I'm just not sure which kind to get for what I'll be using it for:,33286&ap=1

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nycynthias(Z6 NY)

For whatever reason I couldn't get those links to work, however I can figure out what you're referring to, based on your descriptions. The thinner netting would work OK for the peas, but definitely would not be strong enough for a butternut squash or melon. Think about what a ripe butternut squash weighs--well over a pound, usually, and often twice that. You will definitely need the stronger netting *at least*, if not something even more heavy duty, for the bigger, heavier crops.
I have heard good success with the stuff Burpee sells and according to their site it has a 60-lb breaking strength. If you go to just search for trellis netting and it will come right up.

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johngreenhand(8 Hill country texas)

i used nylon netting for cantalopes(up to 8 pound in size) and han no problem i used old volley ball netting to hold fruit when approaching ripeness( just before 1/4 slip)

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For melons old pantyhose works great & it is recycling.

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