Help! What's ailing my tomatoes?!

IHeartGroceriesMay 8, 2014

I can't for the life of me figure out what is ailing my tomatoes, most importantly, although the same ailment is also affecting other crop, including my rose bush, where it seems to have started.
Anyway, most importantly, the tomatoes...
Tons of fruit set already. Plants looked great. Then, they begin to develop symptoms of perhaps a bacteria or fungal infestation.
These leaves eventually dry up and drop. This is happening on older, lower leaves, but quickly moving upward to new growth. Makes me sick, becasue for one reason or another, I NEVER have great luck with tomatoes. >: (

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To me it looks like Early Blight - the concentric rings being the best identifying symptom I can see.

This is a fungal infection. If you search the forums for Early Blight treatment and fungicides you'll find a host of treatment options described in detail.

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Suggest removing affected foliage immediately, and spray with a fungicide, maybe Daconil.

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As I suspected. Albeit, a little befuddlling, given recent weather conditions - essentially no rain, until today ironically, and I really have watered very sparsely. Weird that it seemed to originate on my well established, well mulched rose bush as well. Dang.
I believe the rose is too far gone. Thinking about deadheading to the ground and disposing of it all, in addition to the mulch below.
As for the maters, as suggested, I removed as much affected foliage as I could, and thinned out below and between plants. Really had to butcher a couple badly. Then, since it finally dried up today, applied Daconil. Don't have high hopes, though. Been too busy, and let it get out of control before diagnosis. :(

Thanks, all!

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