Vermicomposting in Israel

Gardener18April 1, 2012

Hi, I am new here, and excited about finding this Forum.

I wanted to know if anyone could give me advice about Domestic Vermicomposting in Israel?

I have a small deck and would like to set up a Worm Farm on it so that I can compost my household organic waste and fertilise my tiny garden.

Is anyone out there who can help.

Regards and thanks!

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Are there any worm suppliers in Israel to provide you with the worms to get you started? Shalom from Delaware USA!


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haname(z9 AZ NE Phoenix)

I'm not in Israel but you can try to find some local sources for worms. Local gardeners might know where to find them. Just make sure you get composting worms or manure worms which live in organic matter that sits on top of the soil, not "earthworms" which burrow deeply in the soil and don't do as well in a bin. Once you can get your worms, vermicomposting on your deck should be pretty much the same as anywhere else, and there's lots of info available. It would not be good to import worms because non native worms can damage local ecology if they escape.

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My main concern - other than where to find composting worms in Israel - would be the ability to keep your bin outside without getting too hot.
If you can find the worms and keep them cool then vermicomposting is the same as anywhere else.
Keep them moist, dark, fed well at the right temperature and they'll do wonderful for you.
Good luck.

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ShaulIsreal used to be active on this forum. He has a couple of Plastic tote bins that he has had for a couple of years. I think his last post was 3/31/12 "Moving house with worm farm". He would be a good resource if he sees this post next time he checks in. Good luck!

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Hey Gardener18; Where do you live in Israel?

I now live, not far from Tel Aviv. Email me with your name and phone # and I'll see what we can work out. It so happens that I'm harvesting the castings, today and tomorrow and I was thinking that I need to give away some worms to make room; so you came along at the perfect time.


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