Hanging vegetables? Lettuce in 'lock box'?

graficaamy(6)February 24, 2011

I am trying to be creative and come up with ways to grow a few favorite vegetables without having them slashed & mashed by the groundhogs. After a really bad year I decided to concentrate on things the hogs don't bother. But I really want to try to get tricky and evade them to grow some lettuce and beans, which I would really miss.

I'm thinking of trying pole beans in a hanging basket. Anyone ever tried? Would the vines be OK hanging down into open air?

Also thinking of starting pole beans within one of those protective plastic water-filled tube thingies that are used to keep tomatos warm early in the season. I'm thinking that would let the bean plants grow at least a few leaves and get a headstart on plant strength before the groundhogs get to them.

Also, maybe a little cage like a cold frame with wire screen top, so I can at least have a little lettuce. Wire mesh on bottom, too, I know...

Anyone have any good ideas or experience along these lines?

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